Seriously, this stinks

Girls are generally very smelly between the hips. The v***** just stinks most of the time. To help I would recommend that females wear a thick rubber panty-liner that seals over the vaginal lips so noone can tell how much it stinks of wet fish on the front of the hips.

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  • Little humor for you ( drunk guy gets on an elevator starts down from the top flour on the 7th flour and the elevator starts down again drunk guy walks over next to the lady and says can I smell your feet 'lady looks at him and says h*** no you cant smell my feet 'drunk guy say oh sorry then it must be your p**** and walks away

  • A thick panty liner would only make the smell worse, giving the bacteria a better place to breed. Some women and men smell, some don't. Depends on what's going on down there. Suck it the f*** up.

  • To quote the immortal words of Martin Lawrence: "They need to wash they ass."

  • You know what? I totally disagree with you. Sounds like you've been with sexually some real scumbags. I'm a bisexual woman who has been with plenty of clean, sweet & delicious women. I wash everyday and even use baby wipes after peeing. Men can stink down there too, but again, I sleep with clean people from both genders and wholeheartedly disagree with your misogynistic comments, unless you have s** with scummy women! That's on you!

  • It's true..I agree with commenter. I'm clean as a whistle all the time. How could a woman NOT BE CLEAN? UGH.

  • Don't fool yourself, men smell just as horrible down there too when unclean.

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