How I feel about the Nazis

I know what they did.
I hate what they did.
Those people didn't deserve one bit of that at all. They didn't deserve to live in fear and get worked to death.
But I like the Nazis for some reason.
They had so many good ideas.
If they didn't kill all those people, they could've ruled the world and made this a utopia.
It would be better than this f***** up world that we live in.
If only they liked everyone.
If only they let women be free.
If only they weren't so strict.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Everybody does something wrong.
But everyone in the world is truly good at heart.
It just might be their mind that is f***** up.
If they didn't kill all those people, I would like them.
But I suppose that's what love is- looking past imperfections.
I'm not a neo-N*** or Holocaust denier, I just love them in a humanly way.
The way we're supposed to love everyone.
They were humans, just like you and me.
They did inhumane things, but they had hearts and were human.
Underneath all that cruelty, they had feelings.
I don't know what this makes me, but I forgive them.
And it's up to God to decide what their fate is.

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  • This is hilarious.

  • The nazis you like them in a humane way wow they had hearts and were humans like you and me oh what a crock of s*** you like the most inhumane m************ in the recorded history of the world do you know how many people they murdered millions and millions you say they had a heart and were like you me eh not so much last time i checked i wasnt responsible for the deaths and tragedy of millions they had no hearts they got rid of those when they signed up with hitler and the only emotion they had was anger and hate and as for hitler being misunderstood really that justifies murder he wasnt misunderstood he was a cry baby with anger issues if you do enough research you will find he hated jews all his life well anyways good for you, you like nazis i hate them they were cowards picked a fight with unarmed civilians bet it was easy to be tough with a gun in their hand and a army behind them

  • Ever heard of punctuation you r*****? It's morons like you the nazis wanted rid of.

  • I'm not defending the Nazis, but the Holocaust was the German civilians' fault. If they all stopped Hitler, then it wouldn't have happened. But everyone's a coward. So in a way, I'm not angry at the Nazis for killing my ancestors, I'm angry at the regular Germans.

  • Don't blame all Germans! My ancestors tried to help the Jews!

  • Yeah that's true and it was, believe it or not, the USA's fault as well. Why? We refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide, so it gave Hitler the power to start his own. I'm not kidding. My parents are scholars of the Armenian Genocide.

  • He just said he liked the ideas they had of ruling the world to certain standards that would obviously be humane and peaceful.Not diabolical obviously.

  • I thought this was a girl, but oh well. And yeah, everyone's making a huge deal out of this. They didn't like what the Nazis did diabolically, but instead the other things they did. Believe it or not, there were some good things about the N*** regime, we just don't hear about them as often, because negatives outshine the positives.

  • Hitler and his pals killed a member of my family at arnhem bridge in holland. His body was never brought back to england. You want us to forgve and forget. Dont be stupid. By the way where were you yanks when our lads were getting slaughtered. turned up late as usual

  • Haha yeah America is a nation of cowards.

  • You're lucky we showed up at all, you ungrateful b****.

  • Idont agree with everything there, but i DO think that hitler was a bit misunderstood. he just wanted a better world, and what he did is what he thought was right. that's all anyone in his position would do if trying to make a "perfect world". except there is no such thing as a "perfect world". alas, anyone trying to do so would end up f****** s*** up. and i truly understand your fasination with the subject... i recently got into n*** documentaries and its SO interesting...

  • Hitler was misunderstood. You have to have a certain level of admiration for the guy- he grew up as a poor nobody in Austria, and when his mother died, he was homeless on the streets of Vienna. He had a tough life, and then he became, well, Adolf Hitler. I'm not defending him, I'm just saying. And N*** Germany is interesting. Just as long as the OP doesn't do anything bad with their interest, I think it's okay. And try not to let all the propaganda get to your head.

  • sick f***

  • Its allot like Obama and his love for blacks and unions and people who send him money, and anyone who dislikes white people but I don't forgive him so I guess you are better at this thing.

  • Seriously, it's people like you that give me hope. I've always admired people who can forgive easily. I love you, whoever you are. Don't listen to these other people.

  • You're clearly the person who wrote this confession in the first place.

  • That's what I was thinking. That, or a N*** sympathizer.

  • The road to h*** is paved with food intentions.

  • GOOD intentions. Jesus, I feel like an idiot for that.

  • OMMFG! Taken together, this is the funniest thing I've read on this site! And it may be the funniest thing I have EVER read!

    Please, please tell me this was intentional. PLEASE!!

  • G and f are awfully close together on the keyboard. Sorry, that was on accident.

  • Oh, well. Nonetheless, I intend to use the uncorrected version myself. Frequently! Thank you!!

  • So.....what you're saying is that, if they weren't so thoroughly f***** up, and if they hadn't been such horrid little racists, and if they had ASKED Poland (for example) if they wanted to join up and make a country, and if they hadn't hidden their true feelings under a facade of bitter and hateful superiority, and if they hadn't tortured and then slaughtered all those f****** people, the Nazis would have been....what....nice?

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