I can't believe I was so stupid...

I've liked this one guy for over a year. He'd play hot and cold and is known to be quite a player. But I like a good challenge, he plays guitar and thats one of the other things that made me like him even more. Yet just when i think he might acctually like me he tries to touch my thigh and slide his hand up my skirt then told me he'd like to sit beside me for the school trip to Lightwater Valley on the bus. Keeping in mind I'm only a thirteen year old girl and I am a virgin,I've never had a boyfriend before and I've never been kissed before.

He ignored me completely and never sat beside me. Then he ignored me wen we got bak to school except to say he knew I fancied him but he said this so everyone could hear being the j****** he is (Which I know now) so i denied it. Summer Holidays started the next day and then over the two days of being bak he threatened to touch me up again if I didn't hand him the glue stick (Childish I know but) Basically he asked for it so i told him I was using it then he threatened to touch me up. (Sorry if this is confusing) I called him an ass so he demanded to know wat he had said wrong so I just said u never said please cause he was getting louder and i didn't want the entire class to hear. We carried on for a bit then the next day in P.E my best mate bumped into the on button for the shower and her hair was soaking wet so she started crying because she was really embarrassed and went home. Wen i went to class word had gotten around and I heard him talking and laughing about it so i scowled and he tried to apologise but continued to laugh so I started arguing with him and he and his friend came over to argue with me and my other best mate. I scowled at him again so he said wats that look for? Then asked if i was disappionted in him, so i said i wasn't disappionted I was annoyed and u shouldn't laugh at someone in a situation like that especially MY best mate and walked out of class as the bell had just gone. I saw him walk off with two b****** and his friends talking about it so I don't know wat to expect on Monday. I now know he's an ass so all I newed is advice on how to deal with him if he starts trying to talk to me. good advice would really help me out? x sorry it was so long it just feels really good to get this off my chest x

Aug 18, 2012

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  • As an older man I can say the young men can be d****. I considered myself a nice guy but was basically clueless about girls, and sometimes women today. Just ignore him and move on. There are bigger and better jerks awaiting you, then maybe one day the love of your life. You are 13, in a year or two you will wonder what you saw in him.

    I once made out with a girl when I was not much older than you. I had just met her and had been drinking. Another evening I approached and she was happy to see me, then she went off to talk with her friends while I grabbed a drink. I figured she wanted to be with them so I went of with the guys. The next time I saw her she had tears in her eyes and if looks could kill I would not be here today. She was so pretty and I never meant to hurt her.

    The hurt on her face will haunt me til I die. I wish I had been wiser to avoid hurting her, or courageous and mature enough to patch things up after. However I was on the other side of the world brifely , and never saw her again. I guess that is part of growing up.

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