I want it rougher

I have a good s** life, its above average.. but lately ive been craving more than the just s**, i want a heart pumping adrenaline rush!

I've tried other things, ive done ti outside, in public places, alot during long car journeys on a quiet road side but that just doesnt seem to satisfy me anymore.

i have a craving for animalistic rough s**, i want him to get home from work and grab my hand and lead me up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door behind us.. i want him to push me back wards onto our bed and just rip my clothes of, i wanna be tied to bed poles and be teased till im begging for him to f*** me.. i want my hair pulled and my back scrathed and my inner thighs bitten before he goes down on me, but he'll just lightly lick my wet p****, before he slowly kisses all the way up my stomach and whispers dirty talk in my ear making me crave him more than ever.
i want him to untie me and make me stand bent over facing the wall so he can f*** me hard and slow from behind, getting faster and faster the louder i moan, i want him to be spanking me till im red raw as he f**** me, i want him to pull me hair back and squeeze my t*** and make me scream in painful pleasure..
i want it to be rough.
i want to feel raw passion from it.
and then just before he c*** i want him to pull out, throw me to the floor, shove his hard wet d*** in my mouth and c** all over my mouth and face

just once i want something like this to happen, i love him with all my heart but the man babys me, he thinks im too delicate. i just dont know how to tell him that im dying for this without him thinking im a freak.

i cant wait till he does though

Aug 19, 2012

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  • Ak him about role-play them you have your way what you want him to do! And you get your way enjoy, best of luck to the both of you,

  • Umm wow I got hard just from reading this. Seriously you can't tell him you want this? I would love it if a girl asked for this. Just print out exactly what you wrote and slip him the paper easy solution.

  • Iunderstand.I have always been with a men that will try anything, that has to do with haveing s**. Now i have found a more layed back man, but i still crave being with a thugish kind of guy, haveiing rough s** with him and letting everything go. I also thinnk if you and him love each other so deeply, that if you let him know that you want this he will listen to you. I would let him know your feelings.

  • I he doesn't like the idea.....find someone who does. He's crazy if he doesn't like the idea, I know I would.

  • I don't know. I think most guys would like it if you told him that that's what you wanted. But then again, I have never met him and don't know what he's like. I think you should just be honest and because he loves you, I'm sure he'll listen.

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