Ex bf

I'm still having s** with my ex 'cause it's awesome, much better than when we were together.
and i still love him, i can't help it, after all those years together. i can feel that he loves me, too. but we can't get back together, it is impossible in this condition we're both now in. is it wrong?
i'd also like to become pregnant. not for him staying with me, i just feel it's time and he is a good "genetic material".

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  • Yu can't help feeling what you feel or wanting what you want. Don't back away from either. Even though he's with her, HE IS STILL YOUR PROPERTY, and you know it. You need to behave like you know it. Go get him . . . . . . whenever you want him.

  • Te answer to your question is 'no' its not wrong not at all not even a little

  • Tats the price that small-dicked men have been paying since forever. its not your fault. its his fault.

  • Gd that is an exciting arrangement and some exciting circumstances. you should toally keep the affair going and even ramp it up!!!

  • Yu say you love him, and I trust that you do: just be careful that you don't get hurt if he decides it has to end or his new woman discovers he's still with you and forces him to end it. That's your risk and that's how you could easily get hurt, so you need to be prepared for it. Otherwise, I think you should just enjoy yourself for as long as you can.

  • Yu used the right word 'awesome' coz thats so totaly what this is: AWESOME!! I realy wanted to maintain the sexual part of our relationship with my ex and we were able to do that for almost 2 yrs until his wife caught us like four times in about a month (P.I.) and threatend to divorce him and he cut me off. i hope you have better luck. GO FOR IT!

  • I it feels good to both of you and if your both enjoying each other whenever your able to be alone together away from spouses or new relationships then no its definately not wrong. life is meant to be enjoyed and you should enjoy it. i really think the secretness makes it even better actually.

  • Ilove this whole idea. I mean I wish that the two of you could just be together but sometimes that's just not possible, for one big reason or lots of little ones. But since that can't happen, still sexing with each other and even planning a family together is just perfect for the two of you. And it's so sexy. And it's another thing: it's absolutely LOVE. Thanks for telling us a part of your story.

  • Tis is a very sexy thing you are doing. The only thing that could possibly make it sexier is if you married another guy and had your .ex do the knocking up. That would make it a really dirty and delicious secret that the two of you would have knowing that he fathered your child right under the noses of his new wife and your new husband. WOW! You should totally think about doing that

  • Yu are really really hot. I think I love you.

  • Ireally REALLY like the way you're thinking about the situation. It's really sexy to still be involved with an ex even though he's with somebody new, and even more so when you're considering having him father a child for you. You didn't say whether or not he would KNOW he's the father, but either way is totally hot and totally awesome, and I think you should totally go for it! Like immediately!

    Would you tell him that he was knocking you up, either before or after he did it, or would you keep it a secret, or have you thought about it that far down the road?

    Whatever you choose, I like your plan and I hope it works out for you. It is soooooooooo completely hot and sexy. And I just KNOW he loves you more than he loves the new girl even though you and he can't be together for whatever reason. I love, love, LOVE what you're doing.

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