Iprefer black women

Ilike black women but , if my parents were to know id get killed

Aug 25, 2012

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  • Tell your parents then let them kill you.

  • Long story short. I was having an appliance delivered to my house. The first time it was delivered, it was dented while being removed from the truck. The first time around it was 3 Hispanic delivery guys. The second time around was a black guy, and two others I don't recall, but probably white and Hispanic or 2 Hispanics. Anyway Between these times one of them stole my MW3 game, which was sitting in plain sight near my PS3, which is close to the area where the appliance was being placed. I personally think it was the black guy who stole it because he was upstairs unsupervised for a few minutes and I was downstairs. While walking back upstairs he comes through my front door and tells me "the fridge is lookin good!". F****** black guy stole my videogame for sure. I am only saying its the black guy because it is a known fact that they are born with the ability to steal. Hence the racist joke, "Why are black people so good at basketball?".."because they can run, shoot, and steal". Sure its funny when its told as a joke, but its not when they actually steal s*** from your house. I called the company and had them deal with it and they called me back and said I had no proof that this incident ever occurred. Then the customer rep told me to file a complaint with the police. Why the h*** would I file a complaint for a videogame. The cops have better things to do like arrest n***** for dealing drugs, stealing, and shooting people. For some reason I'm not raged like I would punch my wall, I just feel pity for that n**** because he has a job, yet he wants to steal from people. I had a job too and that is how I bought my videogame. It's called hard work and if you are not capable of tolerating it don't f****** steal from people f****** black people. F*** you animals. I f****** blame the founding fathers of America for bringing them to this country. S**** you Jefferson!

  • Wtf dont be going round saying n**** you cracker. you might get robbed by a black dude again. hahaha
    P.S no one cares about ur story, it was a f****** video game

  • When ur 18 and got money run away with her and tap that black booty everyday

  • I know what you mean. My dad's a racist redneck and would probably shoot me with one of his beloved shotguns if I ever went with a black guy. And I'm being serious.

  • They're all loud, ugly, dirty, and dirt poor. All blacks do is stay home eating chicken and watermelon. They make more black ugly babies named lafonda, shaquita, and taquito.
    Mexicans work at restaurants and costruction. Whites work in offices and indians run their own businesses.
    And the blacks? They're home eating kfc.
    They live off government aid. They're pathetic and worthless like mosquitoes.
    White girls? I don't understand why they have s** with blacks. Ever been to a black persons house? They're are roaches EVERYWHERE. I can't imagine having s** with a dirty, black disgusting p****.
    But hey if you want to live like that.
    They think the world owes them something because of martin luthers black ass. WOW.
    NO ONE likes yall. Only your own kind.
    I know others feel like me.

  • First of all, i am black. Lady who was being racist to blacks, this is for you;
    I no black people are lazy. They sit at home, and yes they do stuff there faces with kfc. I do agree they do name there children some weird names and yes they may be ugly or dirty but that is some of them, not all. Whites, Blacks, Chinese, Mexicans, Indians. We are all the same, we may look different but are all the same. We were put on the earth for the same purpose, to live. Colour isnt nothing. Only people who are not happy decide to look for something to hurt others. Every race has faults. No race is perfect. If u want to no a big contribution to some black peoples failure, look in the mirror, racist red necks like u. being told we are illiterate, cant spell, are dirty cos we have colour in us. but we also contribute cos we want to live with being told we are nothing so accept it.

    All i no is that im a 32 year old woman with 2 beautiful children, channing and blake who go to a private school. i am self employed with boutiques. and my husband kevin also employed. you no wat, all i no is that i decided to get off my dirty ugly nasty butt and work my ass of to be where i am today.

    the only mosquitos are racist people like you who need to be squashed quickly. if u cant live with a bit of colour probably u shouldnt be in such a multi ethnic world.

  • ITA with everything you said. But damn, love, learn how to use the f****** English language, will you?!

  • Look b****, ur just fed up with ur life.
    u have got nothing else better to do than pick on others.
    wat do u do all day; sit on ur racist white ass, infront of the tv all day wondering why ur a nobody.
    if u wanna blame somebody, blame the people who decided to take black people out of there country scattering them like litter to sit in ur household and clean up after u.

  • Why do you have to be like this im black i live in a respectable home there aint no roaches around my house is clean and i dont even like watermelon u t*** i bet u live on some type of far across with rats running across ur bath or Ur some dirty meth head

  • F*** off monkey.

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