The world gone wrong. The only world we have.

Everybody thinks I'm dumb and gives me boring quizes that's so easy that I don't want to do it. I took couple of IQ tests, and the average I got was 135. I figured out more than half of the stuff in math before my teacher even said it out loud, and I figured it out by myself. Even some things that teachers didn't teach yet, like how to calculate square roots and stuff. And it's not only that. America's laws are forcing us to not evolve. Even half of the school agrees with me. Homework, Less creative privileges, punishments like staying in for recess, all working against themselves. I honestly wonder why some people don't see the world the way me and my friends do. All of them are stubborn to listen to 10 children, but we have to listen to their big mouths all day long.

And I'm only about 9 years old (My parents don't even let me tell my real age, only 'about', which too proves my point).

So if you see this then spread it around.

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