Fraternity Initiation

I got a call from the President of the Fraternity that I joined recently. I found out the only reason he called me was because I am the only one who was actually taking a Class in Photography and I have a pretty good camera. He explained to me that one of our Frat Brother's sister was taken advantage of by this under classman who was stupid enough to Pledge our Fraternity. From what I was told he was dating this girl and talked her into posing for some naked pictures. Then he broke up with her and started showing the pictures to all his friends. Our Frat Brother beat the s*** out of him and got the pictures back, but still wanted more revenge. I guess the President called this "pledge" and told him the Initiation was this coming Friday night and they were going to meet in the Student Union building basement. He told him to be there fifteen minutes early because he "liked" him and was going to help him become a member. When the kid showed up it was me and a few other Brothers. The President told him he was going to be in a room with several other Pledges. They would all be naked and blindfolded and they would be standing on a line, do not move off that line. He, the President, was going to give each Pledge some hand lotion and when he heard the command "GO" they would start jerking off. If you managed to shoot first and shoot the greatest distance you were automatically in the Fraternity. This was why it was important not to move so they could get an accurate measurement. He told him to use a little of the hand lotion on the middle finger of his other hand and vigorously stimulate the prostrate gland and this would give him greater distance. Now they put this guy in a dark room naked, and bring in ten girls that are pledging our sister Sorority. The girls are told they are going to be put in a dark room in a circle and when they hear the word "Go" they are to clap their hands very quickly and softly. They tell me they want pictures, so as soon as he yells that he is cuming they are going to turn the lights up full. They told me that once he figures out what is going on he will run, so get as many pictures as possible. I'm a little nervous because I don't want to s**** up my first activity with the Fraternity. Now someone yells "Go" and all you can hear is the sound of flesh on flesh. Less than a minute later you hear this guy yell "I got it" and the lights go up. I was shooting in the sport mode, which is three frames per second, and his hand going to his d*** and the hand going into his ass were just a burr. The thing I think I will always remember was the dead silence when the lights went on. The girls stood there watching this guy for a good ten seconds before someone screamed. Now this guy pulls his finger out of his ass and rips off the blindfold, see all these girls and starts to run. Now this is the part that surprised me the most, the girls pushed him back into the middle of the circle and would not let him leave. It was then explained to the girls what this "pledge" had done to a Frat Brother's Sister. All the girls agree that they each want a picture with this guy to hang in their Dorm room. He is not to keen on posing naked with these girls, but a hand with a firm grip on his nuts quickly changed his attitude.
The Frat Brother's Sister got a copy of all the pictures and I got to deliver the pictures to the Sorority House. The girls told me they were all accepted into the Sorority after a call from the Frat President.
I can't stop and think how this guys feels knowing his naked picture is hanging in several dorms and the Sorority House. Oh well,better him than me.

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  • So, you're in a frat. Congratulations! You're a d-bag.

  • Why would you even agree to doing something so idiotic? This is serious stuff. Why didn't you report it?

  • Silly cracker that's snitching and you definitely don't want to do that to your own fraternity brothers just a code of honor

  • I was just a Freshman and in Awe of the entire situation. The fact the President of the Fraternity asked me to be in on this "prank" was an Honor. I learned that there is a "Code" between the Brothers and you watch their backs. I also learned a great deal about College Girls. I could not believe the way these girls acted. Once it was explained to them what this j*** had done it was almost like they also had a vendetta to teach him a lesson.

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