I'm no longer certain I love her. To me, love means you like the person to an extreme. I long to feel the addiction to her that I felt when we started. Like I inherently want her to be a part of me.

She had two kids (one unborn) when we started and I've been parenting them both full-time. We're living together. I can't just leave her, but family life and just... her, are really wearing on me. I feel like I want to spend more of my time at work than home. It's really awful. I try to rectify, but now that she's coming of maturity (age 20) she's just about wrapping up discovering her core self, and I'm just not sure that's who I want to be with. Let alone marry.

Naturally I must believe that some of the problem is my own fault, but I can't help but feel the majority is just our situation. I don't enjoy life much around here. I want to have money flowing again. To be able to do what I want.

I guess I'll just mope around as usual until a solution or opportunity appears. But if she one day decided she could move back with her mom, I can't imagine I'd ever try to stop her.

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  • Two kids at age 20. Yeah, I hope you ran like h*** from THAT train wreck! I'm responding to you over 7 years later, b**** probably has 5 more kids now from 4 different daddies. Useless people do so love to breed.

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