My wife meets my Dad

I really need to confess to something, or I will go crazy.

I'm 33 years old, my wife is 28 years old. I married her while I was working in Thailand. We moved back to the UK at the end of May. Our wedding took place in Thailand, last year. My Mother, Brother and Sisters, attened the wedding, my Father did not attend, he is divorced from my Mother and now lives in France.
Three weeks ago, me and my wife made the trip to France, so my Father could meet Noi, and we would also have a holiday. Noi's introduction to the English weather, was far from perfect (all that rain).
So the sunshine of mid France was more than welcomed, especially by Noi. Who at any oppertunity, would put on her bikini, and sunbathe in the garden of my Fathers house. Noi is slim about 5ft 6 inches, with long black hair, her bottom is fantastic, her breast are small but perfectly formed. She is very beautiful and very sexy, and all the sunny weather was making her feel....H****. Not that I was complaining, we would often slip upstairs in the afternoon to make love, not to mention the night.
My own dear Dad, despite being 64 years old was also finding it difficult to take his eyes off Noi.
Not that she was complaining, in fact she was enjoying the attantion, and would tease me about how handsome my Dad was. She took an instant liking to his chest, with all it's grey hairs. Those grey hairs, would lead to a string of events, that would see me question my own sexual believes, and change them.
The three of us, were outside one afternoon, my Dad was in charge of the Barbeque, and Noi was his assitant, I was sitting down, enjoying a cool drink.
Noi was wearing a short white dress,that tied around her neck, leaving her back exposed, she looked fantastic. Dad was wearing trousers, and a un-buttoned shirt. Noi asked my Dad if he wanted a drink, he asked for a beer, so she went in the house and returned with a glass of ice cold beer. My Dad made a comment, saying how he should go to Thailand, and find a Thai girlfriend, if this is how they look after their men. Noi told my Dad, that if he came back to Thailand with her, at the end of the year, she would find him a young Thai girlfriend. Then she ran her fingers through the hairs on his chest. Telling him how the Thai girls would find him very sexy. To my surprise, I found watching Noi flirting with my Dad very sexy. I stood up and walked over to them both, putting my harm around Noi's waist. Her hand was still stroking my Dads chest, he looked at me and smiled. "B***** h*** son, book the ticket", I laughed and replied, looks like you wouldn't need look for a girlfriend, with Noi looking after you.
"Jesus son, I may be 64, but I would want more than drinks" he said. Noi smilied and asked what else he would want. To my own amazement, I replied "You darling, he would want you". I moved my hand up to her breast, playing with her nipple. Dad tried to lighten the situation, "Don't worry son, I cant afford the air fare" he said half laughing, then he looked at Noi, and pulled a sad face. Noi, looked at me, "I want to have a holiday with your Dad". My heart was pounding, I moved behind her, pressing against her bottom, she new that I was aroused, I looked at my Dad, took a moment and spoke "I will pay for your ticket, if you want to go" My Dad looked shocked, but very happy "you would really pay, for me to go to Thailand with Noi?" I nodded my head. Noi spun around and kissed me,then turned to my Dad kissing him. My Dad didn't know what to do. I looked him in the eye, and unfastened Noi's dress at the neck, exposing her breast. Noi slipped his shirt off, "look after the barbeque son". He took her hand, leading her inside. They spent over an hour making love. Noi spent the rest of the holiday,sharing her self with me and my Dad. Yes they are booked, to return to Thailand.

Sep 7, 2012

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  • Asian wives who marry whites are often shared and many of them were in the s** trade, so when a husband encourages her to be sexual, especially with his father, it is natural for her to obey. I have seen this more than a few times. I have had some friends with both Thai and Pinay wives. they asked me to help open their wives up. These wives loved being the center of attention and have been raised in societies that think s** is a natural thing. They will be faitful if asked, but also will give themselves freely to friends and family. One Thai wife I knew submitted to me and serviced her husband's entire family, father, brothers, uncles and about ten of his friends. She felt it was her duty to do this and did it happily. Most people cannot understand this way of thinking, but for many of these women it is about obeying their husband, and doing so joyfully.

  • Technically speaking this is Biblically allowed for any of you holy rollers. As long as she consents it isn't a disgrace to lend your wife to another even your own father.

  • I work with two Thai girls and this so sounds like something one of them told us when we were all out late drinking. Besides, its not like he had a threesome with his dad. He just lent him his willing wife. If all parties involved are willing, no harm no foul.

  • Not real its fake story

  • So you're saying that you let your wife have s** with your dad? Fucktard.

  • Perverse.

  • What the f***...

  • What the f*** did I just read.

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