Boyfriend's Craigslist habit

I happened to look through our computer's history one day to find a site I had visited, only to see that my boyfriend was looking at craigslist casual encounters for both men and women and responding to posts. Later he left his hotmail account up and when I went to check mine I saw more emails. When I casually brought it up to him, he said it was to get pictures, that's all. Well now he is at it again. This time the emails are talking about meeting up with both men and women. I feel helpless. If I say something it makes it look like I've been snooping & don't trust him. But I feel like I'm not good enough either and every time we're intimate or he says he loves me, I feel like it's a lie.

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  • Craigslist and hotmail are mostly dead right now.

  • It's one thing for him to look at images, I think all men do that. But for him to actually arrange to meet up with some of these people on craigslist is clearly something else. Don't for a second think that you are not good enough. It's HIM, not you. But his actions affect you. He most likely does love you, he's just extremely insecure and that is why he is seeking something outside your relationship to boost his ego. He planted the seed of doubt when he failed to log out of his email and not erase his history. You wouldn't have to snoop if he was being honest and not doing this kind of stuff behind your back. He's clearly not that intelligent or maybe wants to be found out. If he's not willing to come clean and be honest with his intentions, then you need to make some decisions for yourself. Be careful and protect yourself since you don't know if he is actually sleeping with these people from craigslist or wherever. You are not helpless. Your best bet is is to talk with him. Accept his answer and then decide what YOU want.

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