Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm 34, married with two kids. I'm in the military and quite fit. I love my wife but I'm sexually bored. I've tried spicing things up with her but we have very different tastes.

In my job I train people. A woman, the same age as me, was supposed to be on a course which I was the manager of. I spoke with her on the phone briefly and had an instant connection with her. I'm quite conservative normally and very private - tests indicate I'm highly introverted. I say this because the following situation is uncharacteristic of me. This woman began emailing me, asking about the course then she asked me to send her a text message for something. I don't use mobile phones but I do have one. It's almost at the end of a 2 year contract, I'd only used it twice in two years. I texted her and sent her a few emails - all work related. She seemed overly friendly so I told her I was happily married with two kids. This didn't change how she behaved towards me - I put it down to her being a very friendly person.

The text messages continued as did the emails. She sent me a picture of herself - she's very attractive. I sent her one of myself with my wife and kids. She said she thought I was attractive. I like writing, I've written a lot of stories. She asked if she could read one of my stories - a romantic one. I sent it to her and she really enjoyed it - she did say it wasn't very steamy though. I wrote her an erotic story - which she loved. She told me she masturbated to my story. This turned me on. I wrote her more stories and she described how she played with herself. I confessed that I would like to watch her do that some day. She said she would let me watch but I couldn't touch. My stories are heavy on c********** - it's my favorite thing actually. She asked if I've ever thought about eating her - and I admitted that I had thought about it a lot.

My wife found my messages and confronted me about it. I told her our love life is stale and this woman arouses me. A dozen long conversations later, my wife has tried to spice up our love life. We've been intimate every night now for two weeks. I still text and message my friend and my wife knows she gets me erect. She wants to meet my friend. My friend will be here in a few weeks - it's the first time we'll meet each other. I think it will be awkward. She tells me about her brazillian waxes, her hot stone massages and describes her masturbation sessions. I love it and I don't want to give that up. I really want to go down on her. What should I do? My wife told me not to have s** with her, just text her.. it's a strange situation.

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  • Ok I read what everyone is saying , I clearly see the problem You Mr.Military man who i respect for your willing to serve out country , I thank you !
    Your bored in the bedroom so now there is a empty spot that wants to be filled and this woman came into your life and some how got you where she wants you to be .
    Here is my advise !
    Do not talk to this woman anymore unless it's about her job some course that's how it all started right she never showed up or something like that .
    Now dealing with your wife because that is what the real problem is .
    You need to tell her how you feel about the s** ask her about maybe trying a discreet swingers club .
    Once your s** is being fulfilled then you won't have problems with woman at work because your getting the s** you crave for .

  • How can you be so smart with your job and yet so dumb in your personal life ?
    I really don't get it -
    I think woman should not be in the military they are more of a detraction then gays will ever be ! Your willing to lose everything you work hard for over a woman ?
    This woman who sent you a picture of you that there you should of stop and maybe even reported it .
    Unless your wife gives you the OK sign your playing with fire and you will lose your wife and child and maybe your job ,respect for what ! a fling ??
    Oh and btw - How do you know this is not a set up for her to charge you for sexual harassment ? If someone sent me text flirting with me and I told her I was married and have a child and she keep flirting that would be a sign that something is not right !

  • You need to start tappin' that ass. She wants it. You want it. It should happen.

  • If your wife is involved in whatever you do with this other woman, there's no downside. Enjoy it. Maybe there's a 3-way in your future! Good luck!!!

  • Military man? Haven't you been hearing of all these s** scandals in military bases around the country? I am not military but isn't it against you guys code to cheat on a spouse?Are you using military computers to email all these steamy stories to her? Why send her all these intimate emails,she is going to blackmail the s*** out of you..she sounds like the type. I have f***** hundreds of women and been in all types of weird situation;I think you are headed for trouble.In your divorce,your wife is going to use your emails and messages to show that you were a cheat and caused her emotional stress and clean you out.I never say no to a good p**** but this one is likely to chop your nuts off!On the other hand,good eating..I just got to my apt after eating and f****** my woman last nite so why ask you to abstain?

  • No kidding reading the post he wrote was like watching a horror show and knowing the ending and this guy is thinking with his d*** not his heart and that can tear down a man in one shot .

  • I agree what you say.

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