I found my dad's p*** CDs in the closet

I found my dad's p*** CDs in the closet a few months ago...
Yesterday, my mum told me she would never forgive my dad if he were to be unfaithful or commit something like that.meaning watching p*** is included. I debated with myself whether I should confront my dad or tell my mum. In the end,I didn't do anything. I just pretended nothing happened. I'm acting and feeling the same way I used to before this incident. But whenever I think about this, my heart would ache and sometimes the feeling is just a little bit overwhelming. I told my sister about this. She told me to tell my mum but I refused to. I told her not to say anything. After what my mum said yesterday, i'm just wondering what would have happened if I had done something about it. Would my family break apart?
Divorce is not a common thing in my country and there's only one person I know that had parents who had divorced.

Both my grandparents had not gotten along well since my grandma found out that my grandpa was unfaithful once. My grandma never forgived grandpa and till today,they're still fighting over the past. My mum said she's like my grandma too, so I don't think mum could forgive dad.

Should I have told my mum or confront my dad?

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  • first the p***, then the divorce, next comes the crack rock. welcome to western civilization...

  • Mind your own damn business. Your dad likes p***.. That's not the same thing as being unfaithful.. Don't make trouble where there is none dumbass.

  • tell your dad it makes you uncomfortable.

  • NOT your BUSINESS!!!! Dont say anything

  • But I CAN talk s*** about others' confessions here. So I'm a step ahead!

  • the second and third comment is NOT helping. go somewhere else where you can talks s*** bout others confession.

  • 1st of all your moms just really uptight---2ndly your dads probly not getting much action if he had to resort to p***---3rdly porns the s*** let people watch it

  • Your mom must be a douche. It's just p***, Jesus Christ.

  • I'd speak to the father.

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