Rough ONLY

Im a Junior in HS and imma football player/track runnner. I love to romance females and so I reccently met this Freshman she was so beautiful. SHe told me she's had a crush on me for along time. During a long discussion she told me she was a virgin and would only giv it to the one. I became determine to be that one. I LOVE VIRGINS! For obvious reasons. Early today after work I went to her house gave her some nice licky licky, then she let me hit. I do not hold back on virgins! Ever! I did her as if she were experienced. She started to scream like she was enjoyin it, so I kept going harder, I put her in doggy but i closed her legs I went hard,fast,and rough till I came. Took a nap and left. Was I too rough? She hasn't called me or returned my calls? It was hours ago? I really like this girl smh.

Sep 23, 2012

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  • No no no thats bad you are messed up im a virgin freshman as well. glad im not in your school

  • She prob was like tired or something and if they scream u might wanna ask if there ok!!!!! first!!!

  • She's probably traumatized. You have a lot to learn about women and s**.

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