Before I left for college two years ago, I had a short affair with David, who my mom dated and who basically lived at our house for over a year back while I was in middle school. She dated David right before she met and married my third stepfather, who was right before my fourth stepfather, now divorcing my mom. While he lived with us, David and I engaged in something I guess you could call flirting, but nothing physical ever happened between us, not even close. Still, there was something there, something heated, even back that long ago. I saw him again the summer after I graduated high school, when his oldest son got married. David had re-married by then, too, but during all the wedding-related parties and stuff that week, we found ourselves alone once and all the old attraction came back to life and we wound up making out for like an hour and then going to bed together. And it was incredible, totally unbelievable, for both of us. We dated secretly for the rest of that summer and we f***** constantly, but we agreed that we would end it when I went off to school, and we did that. It was hard for both of us, but we broke it off cleanly. As fate would have it, though, my love life went into a tailspin and then crashed last spring, and when it did, I called David. I did that just for someone to talk to, knowing he was married, and knowing that his marriage was a good one, and thinking that we might just talk occasionally, living over a thousand miles from each other, because he was always understanding and encouraging. But David being the kind person he is, flew to meet me and console me over the loss of my boyfriend and the horrible humiliation he caused me (a VERY long story), and one thing rapidly led to another, and we slept together again. And again. And again. And then he came back to school two weeks later, and we did it again for a week. And then I came home and we did it nonstop for two weeks. And now, neither one of us can stop it, and neither of us wants to. I don't even care if he stays married: I just want him in my life, in an intensely sexual way, but also in an emotionally supportive way. He IS my boyfriend now, and I am his mistress, and I love our relationship. I don't have any idea where it will lead us, but I don't need to know or care to know right now: we'll find out where we're going when we get there. Right now, we are both giving each other what we need, and we make each other endlessly happy. I've seen my share of bad marriages -- believe me, my mom has had more than her share, and I know lots and lots and lots of other unhappy married people -- so I don't have even the slightest amount of guilt about David stepping away from his marriage to be with me. What we have is true love, and I've made it clear to him that I'll never jeopardize his marriage or force him to divorce his wife or embarrass him in front of his children or parents. We are a wonderful couple who has the best s** in the history of the world, who support one another no matter what, and who think of the other first, before self. What we have is better than any marriage, and what we feel is love. True love. And no one can criticize that or ever take it from us. We are a couple.

Sep 30, 2012

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  • Before you go very much farther down the road with this guy, you should talk to your sisters (assuming you have any) and see if they have any "special" memories of David while he was at your house, and see if those memories have any sort of sexual component at all, whether it was welcomed by them or just awkward and weird. If any of them were involved with him (even if it was consensual), or used by him as a masturbation tool like you were, you need to run away from this guy. Also, as incredibly loose as your mother seems to have been about marriage and men, doesn't it strike you as odd that David never became one of your stepfathers? There must have been a reason that your mom didn't marry him. You need to find out ALL of this stuff, before you get more wrapped up in him and, particularly, before you start having his illegitimate babies. You can talk to your sisters and mothers in an abstract way, without revealing your relationship with David (assuming, as I have, that nobody knows about the two of you except the two of you), just by asking casual questions about how things were when David was in their lives. You need to know. You have to know.

  • nasty homewrecking s***. very nasty.

  • you spent an entire summer s******* YOUR MOTHER'S MARRIED EX-F***-PARTNER and then say "his marriage was a good one"? your deluded. totally deluded.

  • It's foolish for anyone to believe, much less to argue, that "love" can only occur in one setting, in one type of relationship, and between people of the same general age, or that it can't start and grow from a very early age and evolve into something beautiful. What you have is beautiful, and it's something that both you and David have worked on, for years, which is more than most married couples can say. I applaud your devotion to one another, and to your openness to his staying with his family and still being with you, particularly since he holds you above them. Yes, THAT is love, and wish you well with it, with him, and with the children I sense that the two of you will have together, as a family separate and apart from -- and BETTER THAN -- the one he has with his wife.

  • Thank you soooooo much for your encouragement and support, that's really nice of you. And it's so weird what you said about children because we just talked about that very thing the last weekend we spent together in bed. Even though he's in his fifties and all his kids are grownups now, he would love to have another family and he thinks I would make a better mother than ANY of the women he has children with! Isn't that exciting! I think it's really wonderful and I really feel honored that he would even think of having me be the mother of his "most special" family, which is how he said it, because he would love our children more than all the others and would treat them better than the others. Doesn't everyone see how incredible he is and how much he loves me? If he wasn't truly in love he wouldn't have said any of those things, and he said them all. I love him so much.

  • Are you retarded? She's sharing him with his wife. He's pimping her like theres no tomorrow and your condoning this slorish behavior? let me guess you mistress too and this story makes you feel slightly less used. How is this devotion if he's keeping her in the closet. If he was so "devoted" to her and had something better than his wife he would work up the nerve to leave her and start a family with this slutball--but I doubt he will because the only use he has for her is her crotch. It's even worse that this situation involves kids. Both of you need to smell the coffee. All you do is make it easier for us men to have our cake and eat it too by being in denial.

  • Yes, it's true, I actually have been the mistress of three different married men at different stages of my life, and ultimately married a fourth one who couldn't stand being without me after having me "on the side", as they say, for just a few months. But that doesn't change the fact that what many men experience with their mistresses is something more powerful and more beautiful and more true than they ever have with their wives inside what the world considers a conventional marriage. You're kidding yourself if you think this kind of affair is always and only about s**. I've been involved in relationships with married men that WERE only about s**, but what was felt in the situations where I was the mistress was true love, a love you will never know or understand. I accept that, and you should accept the fact that love exists and grows in places you know nothing of. What this young girl feels is love and what she has is a marriage, and the fact that it's not the kind of love or marriage you recognize doesn't mean it isn't either: it's both. The man's wife is just an inconvenient fact of life.

  • So, your pretty much saying your OK with being this guys c** dumpster? C'mon be honest here he screwed you while he was dating your mom. He pretty much saw the opportunity to f*** you and your mom at the same time because from the way it sounds your mom is a w**** and you've seen her outlandish behavior and mimic her. Now he's married and still s******* you and you believe he loves you? Yeah, OK. He loves your v*****. If he did love you he would be committed to only you and not keeping you as his private s*** bucket behind closed doors. He is telling you what you want to hear in order for him to get what he wants. Are you really OK with being second place. Think about it. His wife and kids will always come first because that is his commitment and you shall always fall last. Dont you think you would want and feel like you deserve better. Good luck.

  • No, he never screwed me while he was with my mom. But I guess I sort of masturbated him a few times when I would sit in his lap while he watched TV at our house, just sitting there and squirming my hip or my butt against his lap. I didn't know exactly what we were doing then, but I knew for sure that he liked having me there and would always hug me hard and breathe deep when I sat on him that way and squirmed, and he would always tell me he loved me. I can understand why you would think I'm in second place now, but it's not that way at all between us. Even though he's still married to "her" as far as the world is concerned, when it comes to David and me, we both say and act as though he's married to me and only me, because that's what it is. We both say this is a marriage and that's the way we behave toward one another. We really are in love.

  • First comment is right on. You never have ever known what a good relationship is. And David is just taking advantage of you. Flirtation while you were in middle school? Your boyfriend is a predator. Sure, you may be of age now..but he's still taking advantage of you. Wake up! Realize that you deserve more. You deserve a relationship that doesn't have to be kept a secret.

  • He is really not like that at all. He loves me now, more than his wife, and I really even think he was in love with me back then, even though we never did anything and even though he was doing my mom. What I feel for him is love and he feels the same way: he isn't taking advantage I promise.

  • I love David very much.the way he seduces me is mind blowing.its true that i saw him f*** my mother's crotch fast and hard many a times.but then they were in a relationship.

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