Does he like me?

I have a crush on this guy for about 6 months. But, I don't know is he feels the same way about me. Whatever he does seems complicated. Well, I started realizing when he used to stare at me and once in a blue moon we would chat like normal friends. Things got a little bit hotter after our one month semester break. It started off by him asking my number ( He didn't message until today). Once, he chat with me saying that he broke up and stuff(First time, he came and chat with me after that no chats). Then I started realizing that his face expression changes when I talk to my guy friends or his friends. He rarely talks to me and we hardly see each other. As days goes by, his friends(the one's that I don't know) seem to be giving me a weird smile and they(his friends) added my best friend on Facebook and started communicating with her. I have also caught him many times looking at me, and he quickly turns away when he knows I'm looking. I also realize that when I'm with my friends, he will just smile and look down. If I'm alone, he approaches me and talks(sometimes). When I start a conversation, then only he talks or he will smile or be quite. Sometimes, I feel that he is avoiding from me because when I chat, he chats for awhile and goes offline. It's complicated but does he really like me? and what can I do to make him approach me or be comfortable to talk to me?


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  • I'm sure that he likes you, he's just a little on the shy side and won't go personally up to you. He might be asking his friends for help and ur best friend might be chatting with them on Facebook. Just chat him, make him laugh, pretend like your trying to become close with a friend. Hope all goes well:)

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