If it were up to me, she would diew

When my boss is mean to me, when she's a total c***, I admit that I fantasize about cutting her throat and watching her bleed out. Or taping up her mouth and roping her wrists and locking her in a dark closet until she's good and terrified...making her BEG for her life. Wouldn't that give her something to REALLY be miserable about? She's in charge of everything, she can make or break our days around here by whatever she does. Nobody holds that power over HER though. So HOW DARE she act like employees like me are destined to be her emotional punching bags !

This also makes me wonder how many rotten, miserable bosses have ANY clue about how the only reason they're still alive is because of laws and forensic evidence as deterrants ? If I could get away with it, my boss would be dead.

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