Good woman gone bad

This is more than a confession, this is for the husbands who think the grass is always greener on the other side.. I have been having a long term affair, and it all started after my husband cheated multiple times.. It was easy for him to do that instead of coming to me and telling me his needs and wants. 
I got tired of being the good wife and after many years waiting for him to change, now I've become a liar cheating w****.. I let my lover take pictures of us, record our s** life AND we have even watch the videos my husband and I have made.  We trade pictures almost every day, we meet once a week, do it at his house, job, car you name it.   
The funny thing is that my relationship seems less dull and  Somehow this affair makes me happy and a better person.. Great woman gone bad bad bad!! One look at me and you would never guess..

Oct 5, 2012

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  • That showed, since you have, get a divorce if you're not happy, the guy you had s** with you he won't you just don't matter, is he married or a goodtime Charlie, be careful he may have s** with other women, used it a woman with bad, really really, do you have children, what do they like about this situation with mom and dad, teaching them bad way, wow you both need help!

  • I love the electrical charge that happens every time you enter the place your lover is waiting for you to break your wedding vows. He's waiting there with a long, thick, hard d***, ready to pounce on you and fix it so that you can never again entertain even a thought of your husband entering you with his. My lover's d*** is the reason I was put here on the planet, and I'm so thrilled that I found him. I just wish I had found him before I found my husband and before he found his wife. If that had happened, I'm sure we'd have had at least three boys with long, thick, hard d**** that know how to please married women, instead of the sons my husband gave me, two of which are gay and one of which probably is. I wish my lover had found me first, or that he was willing to give me babies now.

  • i agree totally. cheating is wonderful and its true what they say about it spicing up the homelife. i feel much more fulfilled and happy and that makes home better for my husband too. my boyfriend is single and wants me to get divorced and marry him and the fact that i dont makes him upset a lot. but ive got the boy so incredibly p**** whipped that it doesnt matter: he will do anything i say just so i keep giving him the p****. and i know he wont ever go nowhere else to get it because hes already told me he could never find p**** this good anywhere because he already looked before he met me and mine is better than anything he ever got in his life. ive got him completely dominated and in his place and i totally love that feeling just knowing that a man has submitted to me and will do whatever i tell him so i wont take away his sweets even though he knows im not leaving my husband.

  • You are so, so right! I've been cheating on my husband for almost nine years (one long-term lover and multiple flings and affairs), and I've said from the beginning that it makes me better and stronger and happier, and a more sexual and more complete woman, and so my cheating is a good thing even for my husband. Ever since I started getting more and more s** outside the marriage, I have wanted more and more s**, and so it makes s** at home better, too. How could ANY man complain about having a hot, nasty, dripping, ravenous, b****-in-heat at home?? You GO, girl!!!!!

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