I was working at a school in Sandwich, Kent a few years ago and I had an affair with the Headteacher. I was at the time pregnant and in a relationship where my partner didnt love me, and so I stupidly fell for the charms of this man. He knew I was expecting but was keen on spending time with me. I had some very bizarre moments when his wife came to the school for various functions, even down to a barn dance where he both of us holding his hands to dance.... He was continuing his visits to me after baby was born and I was by now single. However he also had the eye for another female member of staff and yes I was unhappy inside witnessing this and so I told this other female all about the relationship, not through jealousy but through concern that she may be led astray also as she too was married and I didnt want her to lose her marriage. By now it was obvious by now he was/is a serial cheater. I decided to leave this employment and work elsewhere as I felt this was all so very wrong and I did not want to go through the humiliation of watching him sidle up to another woman, it felt cheap. Although he continued to phone me I did not respond and let go of him completely. I expect he is still charming women there......And me...still single. I am making this confession as although it was a few years ago, it is eating up inside me with guilt..

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