My husband and I own our own business

My husband and I own our own business and have a strict drug testing policy for new employees. But my husband and I are TOTAL stoners! And sometimes, we'll come to the office high.

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  • I'm self-employed, and have hired people here and there. While no real policy for drugs, I am careful, and can tell. Had a very hot, green-eyed, olive-skinned girl as my direct assistant for nearly 2 years; Knew she smoked it up once in a while, and was fine with it. Mostly because, there were times I'd smoke with her, and, it led to activities between us.

    Then, though, I brought on a sweet, cutesy, pretty girl next door type to cover appointments and get phone follow up. Knew something was wrong when one of my regular clients called and said "Talked to (name change) Danielle today, and..She sounded all slurred and mumbled..Like on something. Did she have surgery and medication or something?"

    That had me concerned, so I went to talk to her at her other employer, an average-type sports bar. Found out she was fired for..Sniffing a line on top of a storage room box freezer. Had my answer; Never called her again.

    Hot assistant and pot smoker continued, and things went well. I just couldn't have a coke snorter on my staff..

  • It is your business. If you want to come to work stoned and incompetent it is your perogative. And as owners you have the right to say " do as I say not as I do".

  • Grammar Check == I seems like you typed that message when you were high. I bet your husband raped you, and you don't even remember it; cause you were high!

    Have a nice F****** day "Dr. House" and husband!

  • whats your business

  • it's your business. You get to make all the rules.

  • Gimme a break, its weed, not blow. Big deal. Yeah lets persecute the happy laidback stoners, they cause soooo much trouble. Go find yourself a drunk driver to preach to .

  • Thanks a lot. Stoners aren't persecuted enough under this bullshit war on drugs, you have to make life difficult for your own kind anyway.

  • What a hypocrite. You should have high, incompetent employees.

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