Thinking of leaving wife

I am so confused, tired of being lied to by my wife. Nagging feelings that she is not being truthful to me. My mind wanders and I start thinking about how she is lying to me and what it will lead to. She tells me daily , how much she loves me and each time I cringe. Is this another one of her lies. I have never loved anybody like her, up until recently I never would of doubted her devotion to me. When I ask of there is something she wants to tell me, it leads to fights. When I caught her in a lie, she tells me it was to protect me. Trust is so important to a marriage so I feel like we grow more and more apart each day. Our s** life has dwindled and when I address it , I am told is that all you want in this relationship. We used to have a great s** life, something changed. I really think the best solution is time apart. I know I love her and want to be with her rest of my life. We have a young child and I honestly believe if this marriage is going to continue it would be better to have time apart now . Time apart would let her figure out what she wants because she is acting like she does not want to be in this marriage. It will be a rough conversation but my heart aches all day and I need some sort of relief. I love you and want you back....sorry, but this is only way.

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  • As someone who was never trusted fully in a very long term relationship, I can tell you from experience that if you keep treating her like she's lying to you and you keep showing her suspicion and day she's going to fulfill exactly what you think and f*** you over good because you never believed her anyways.

  • What is she lying about? You have to make the decision to move on from this, the pestering and distrust will certainly ruin the marriage. Let it go and go to counseling.

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