Fantasising about older males

I recently went overseas for my studies and I ran into an expat from my country who I interviewed for info. He was happy to have someone from his country as company and so we decided to hang out.

He's twice my age, not what I'd call a hot date, but I really developed the hots for him. I don't know whether it was because I hadn't spent time with a guy socially in 3 months or what but at times when we were together, I was practically humming with desire for him. I wished he would make a move on me.

Right now I've left the country; spending a stopover elsewhere before returning home, but I'm alone and feel empty. I want to wait till marriage, but I can just imagine riding him, feeling him inside me with my walls surrounding him. Most of my crushes seem to lean towards older men and dit Doesn't help that I've never had a bf.

Anyway, we got along pretty well, I'm sure we could maintain a friendship, but he's coming up in Jan, if I still feel something for him...I might be tempted to encourage him to make a move on me, but he's not someone I'd consider long term. I think a move like that would just hurt both of us maybe...

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  • Did you ever encourage him to make a move on you? What happened?

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