I wish I were someone else

I know this sounds mean and self centered, but if you were me, you'd understand. I wish that I had different parents who were nicer and cooler. Ones who would give me more freedoms. I wouldn't want to be pampered or spoiled, I just want to be able to be more free and have more fun. I also wish I were better looking; I'm one of those forever alone people. I still would want to know all the people I know now, and live in the same area. I also wish my family had more money; right now I would be considered a lower class citizen. I would hope that my parents had a good life still; just not with me in it. Because I am set apart from my family. They blame me for everything and I pay for my siblings' mistakes. They also disclude me from family activities. A lot of the time, I sit in my room and I can hear everyone else laughing and talking. It's as if I don't exist. Whenever I tell them about how I was bullied at school, or how something unjustful happened, they either blow me off or take the side of the antagonist. I know that I would never commit suicide; I want to live still. I just wish I could change my fate or turn the tables.

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  • I feel the same way sometimes, man. The exact same way. Don't have much advice besides stay strong & try to set yourself a better future where you can be around those >you< love

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