This is all I get after everything you put me through

You push away every guy in my life that wanted to be with me with lie after lie

You tell my friends s*** that ain't even going down

You tell me you want me back because you messed up with me, you hurt me and that you were wrong to, you say I was always there for you and cared about everything we did and you were stupid the whole relationship, then when you saw how happy I was with Jerome you realized how amazing I actually am and what you had just lost and it kills you to see how easily I moved on. And that you sit there everyday thinking about me, watching me walk by looking gorgeous and smile and hug other guys. And that You think about everything we did together and that it kills you

You want me back but your still on bullshit

And you wonder why I never tell you anything

This is how it is bae

I give you another chance, you take it, you work at it for a week or two, then the next I know your over there f****** it all up and at the end of the day you come crawling back saying I am sorry and that you never meant it

You sat there on Tuesday after school and said to my face that you hate me so g******* much and that you would snap my neck, pour gasoline on my body and light a match as you video taped it all and sent in to my family

And then when I go to leave you get physically violent towards me and drag me down the hallway cause I wouldn't give you my damn phone

You held me down and got on top of me and applied pressure to my stomach say "I hope it dies that Lil b****** don't deserve life"

You stared me in my eyes as tears fell and you saw I was in pain

Then the next day your holding my hand and kissing me like nothing happened as you blame it on the "Pills" and I stare at you like wtf

Quit the bullshit I know how you work...I am sick of it and I can't keep being put through this

I spent the whole summer with you, got to know you so don't go calling me crazy when you know damn right I know who you are

You say I don't work at our relationship when I do

You say I never show you I love you when I do

I've done everything possible just to make you happy but it's never enough, you always want more and I can't give it to you

I don't know when you'll ever see what I am seeing but I can't do it anymore

I don't want to be your friend, girlfriend or even in your life

Until you clean up your act or whatever you have to do

You no longer exist in my eyes

I won't accept your calls, message's or even talk to you

You f***** this up yourself, its all you

I am so sick of the lying, and you hurting me...and its not just me who can see it anymore, its everyone at school now

You do drugs, your abusive, dangerous, a liar and more and I will not stand by that person you've become because I hate that person with every inch of my body

You've hurt me to the point were I am now walking out on you for the last time in my life

I'm not going to look back, I am forgetting you ever exist, I am leaving for my safety

And I swear to god if you come around again only one of us is getting out alive

And you wonder why I took our daughter and left

She barely knows her father cause he's never there

She's scared to death of you half the time

And when she gets older she's gonna hate you and your gonna regret everything your doing now

This is where we stand bae

We still have a year left of high school and have our second kid coming our way

I'm not doing this anymore...I can't

This isn't how I pictured my life but I am living with it but you can't be involved anymore

It's time to open your eyes and see life for how it is, live with the consequences of your actions and stop running from the truth...

Your daughter needs her father and if you can't clean yourself up there is a 100% chance you'll never see her again...I can promise you that

May 29, 2011

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