I hate my stepdad

I despise him. that's it. He ******* about every little thing. He thinks he's the smartest guy on this planet when really he's just annoying as ****. He complains whenever something's not perfect and then throws his **** wherever he freakin wants. And whenever I complain about the double-standard he makes up some dumb excuse about how I'm the "child" and he's superior to me. I try to avoid him but he always walks into my room whenever I'm secluding Myself from him and starts to complain about how messy and immature I am and then makes me to clean the whole kitchen and bathroom as punishment. I make straight a's in school, I'm in all ap classes and he still has the nerve to tell me I'll never amount to anything and I'll never make it as a surgeon (that's my life's goal) I talk to my mom about how much I hate the way he treats me and she does NOTHING, she just says to talk to him but I don't even want to look at him. he disgusts me, I hear him talkin about me behind my back to my mother. Hes disgusting and he's always drinking and smoking, and he always makes comments about my butt.. He's so creepy and annoying and I hate him, I've wanted to commit murder so I wouldn't ever have to see his ugly face again but it's not even worth it. he makes me want to kill myself.

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  • Freaking h***, that's way more messed up than what I have with my father, and that's something. Keep a weapon handy at all times. Especially if you're a girl.

  • Hau long you,v been staying with him and hau old are u?

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