When i was younger not many people liked me because i was really annoying but i never noticed it.I had a few friends but they only pretended to be friends with me,but yet i still hung by them.Some people would say to me "No one likes you!B****!" i really just ignored them.but one day,some one said those words "No one likes you." sternly,no names,that night i went home and i thought and thought about it.thats when i realised how annoying i was.

Not so long ago i started to high school.again no one liked me,apart from a few people,and my best friend.and shortly after that i started cutting myself in sadness,and a few day later,i brought a knife into school.I was going to kill my biggest enemy,fourtunetly the teachers found out in time,and my family now knew.i thought things would become better,they said they would 'help' i was wrong.
They asked nothing but questions! and i was starting to become really scared!

things have setled down now,but i still have nightmares about murder,which has made me a very horrible person,they dont ask questions as much now,but im still very scared!i cry myself to sleep every night,they never helped me,they made it worse.
i am 12.female.

i was even crying and frightd writing this...

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  • The answer is you have very low level of consciousness and it is streaming negativity into your being. You want to do good but the negative thoughts and feelings keep going into your mindset preventing you from doing good. If you want more answers to this and why you are behaving the way you do and how to maybe transform this, read Power vs Force by David R Hawkins.

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