It's hard growing up in a world that is on the verge of extinct

This world is basically dead, not saying that I believe in the Mayan Calendar, but maybe. Did you ever think, would if everything we think we know, is planned? Would if there's something waiting to destroy us all, that we were predicted to find the moon, but not make it out of our universe? That we were mean't to all die in a certain order. Ever watch Final Destination? Well the movies are a little far fetched, but who's to say something in the world, or out of the world, is just waiting for us to all die. The world is a ticking time bomb. We'll all die, and have to restart on another planet, back from square one. How much of a future is left for Earth? All physics and math and everything accomplished, will all stop because everything does end, eventually. The stars I will not say will necessarily tell us when, but I think that our time is limited, so just imagine that if everything we know is wrong, where are we? Square One. Maybe we're the Aliens and ,maybe mythical things are real,aliens,anything is possible. But, we do have one good thing, our minds! It's an unlimited imagination, so we believe we can and will be anything we want to be. Everything we love, will end, sadly. This message doesn't mean give up, it just means, be prepared, because they end will come, it's inevitable. P.S. I'm only 12 ;) Think about everything and comment your thoughts ;)

Oct 26, 2012

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  • Grow up Emo kid

  • I'm not Emo, it's just what I think. It's my opinion.

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