My girlfriend is a transsexual. She has only been on hormones for the past 3-ish years. She is amazingly sexy, and dominant.
I love having her c*** pressed against mine while we kiss, the knowledge that she feels the same things i feel through her magnificent member is one of the biggest turn ons.

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  • Another BS story

  • Coming from a BS artist you should know all about BS

  • Its not because she is transgendered i want to marry her and will but its who she is , the laugh, her facial expressions and her heart and soul. I cant see my life without her and i know she feels the same. best s** i ever had was with her so i wont lie but everything about her is the best to me and i wanna see her face every time i wake up

  • I once went out with a s****** she had amazing b**** n big c*** . I f***** her tight a****** n she was just playin with her d*** n cumin. But i did suck her d*** n it was yummy .

  • I'm not gay i like women to look like women butt I've never been interested in c*** wouldn't mind experiment i guess any help with understanding my sexuality

  • I feel u man. I started a love affair with shemales after seeing one in a magazine years ago. Im so afraid ill be hooked i havent tried it. But i really want to. Thank u for letting me see im not the only one

  • That’s how it started with me and 15 years later she I’m still hooked!

  • Very Understandable, especially for those of us that have been with them before.
    I've always said that if they make gay marriage legal there will eventually be as many transsexual marriages as there are straight, if not even more. Especially now since they've made the surgery and the makeup so good that you can't tell the difference.
    It's amazing how beautiful an average looking guy will look dressed as a woman. And it's even more amazing how thrilling it is to look into a transsexuals eyes as she penetrates your body for the first time in your life.
    I feel it's my duty to confess that from the first time I ever saw a photo of them in a hustler magazine I was hooked, and I've sought them out everywhere I've been the rest of my life.
    I dare say there are countless men that have been where I'm at that would give up our lives for the chance to share our lives with the special ladies of our truest desires if we had the chance.

  • Well said, I’ve been thru the same for the last 15 years

  • I totally love your relationship with this woman and wish I was in your place with her. I can't say I look at much p***, but probably 95% of what I look at is tranny p***, and roughly the same percentage of my sexual fantasies involve me taking the d*** from a tranny. I'll even admit that when the gay marriage laws started passing on Election Night this past week, I started fantasizing even harder about actually MARRYING a tranny. God f****** DAMN how I love those girls, and how I f****** WANT one!! I would give up my wife and family in a heartbeat because those t-girls are just the sexiest things imaginable, and the only things sexier are the dominant ones!!! DAMN I want one of them in my life AND IN ME!!!!!!

  • Tran's gender women freak me out.i will never touch one ever.

  • i felt the same way til i met one in a bar in chicago while i was in town for work. i actually thought she was a woman at first and not til i got her back to my hotel room and into my bed did i discover the truth. i resisted even then but she was TOTALLY cool and understanding, and was very laid back about my being freaked. we just lay there and talked for a while and she made me very comfortable with her. she was a prostitute (we had agreed on a price before leaving the bar) and she even agreed to throw me a freebie just to see how i liked it, since it was my first time crossing over the the t-side. so she turned on the light, had me sit in the armchair, and proceeded to give me a show, masturbating herself, genitally and anally (with her fingers and the handle of my hair-brush), and bringing herself off at the end. the load she shot was UN-F******-BELIEVABLE, far beyond anything i had ever produced, so i was impressed and excited. she invited me back to the bed, and when i joined her she began to kiss me (on the mouth, which they dont ever do) and hump my leg until I got hard. i was harder than i had ever been before and as soon as she wrapped her hand around my shaft to stroke me, i came. she said she guessed i wasnt freaked anymore, i said i wasnt, she told me anything else after that was back on the clock, i agreed readily, and then had the best night of s** i had ever had in my life. at least until the next night when i found her back at the bar and brought her back to my room for seconds. and then for thirds. and fourths. i swear, if you ever hooked it up with a good tranny, you not only wouldnt be freaked anymore, you would want to touch them ALL THE F****** TIME. go get you one, dude, and you wont want anything else. they are the f****** best. damn i love trannies. i dont even touch my wife anymore: i only go get one of my favorite t-girls. I LOVE THEM! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

  • WOW...what a mental image. The idea of laying on my back legs up looking up at those jiggly t****** as she f**** me like her w****...or getting on my knees and looking up at those eyes and firm t****** as she pumps that throbbing c*** in and out of my wet mouth. Ive never done any thing like this but i will be buying a vibrator for my next m*********** session...want one ican take back there...any ideas?

  • Could you imagine these same thoughts with a trans who has large b**** and a throbbing c***

  • I can i want now

  • I met her at a transsexual gay bar in the New Orleans French Quarter named the Roundup. Terry was 6 ft tall with all the feminine curves you would expect any healthy 20 something girl would have. Her straight shoulder length hair was Platinum & her straight bangs came straight down to the tops of her eyebrows. Her eyes were hazel and her lips were natural with a bright lip gloss that matched everything else that was perfect about her including the most perfect legs and perfectly shaped breast I had ever seen on a woman.
    I bought her a drink and got straight to the point of what I wanted. I was nervous, scared, insecure and totally out of my element but so attracted I could only follow my heart and confess that I had dreamed about being with someone like her all my life. She looked into my eyes as she stirred her drink with her index finger.
    Slowly she lowered her eyes to my mouth as she took her wet finger & inserted in my mouth as she said I was another guy’s fantasy the other night, it was fun.
    We agreed on a price and she took me by the hand & guided me out of the bar & I took her to my van.
    To make a long story short being in her arms and feeling her long velvet c*** break my cherry was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.
    There is no feeling that can compare with holding a beautiful pair of breast as you look into a beautiful face as your legs wrap around her hips as give up your ass to her for her trophy.
    The only thing that made it better was when she pulled out and pulled me to my knees as she stood up and told me to open my mouth and take it but not to swallow, and then as I savored the taste of her seeding she pushed me back down onto the bed and on my back as she laid on top of me and began tongue f****** my c** filled mouth as she slowly snowballed me until all her c** had disappeared into my throat.
    It was definitely a life changing experience I hope anyone that has ever dreamed of being with a lady like her will someday experience.

  • I also think about this only in my fantasies it's usually set at a doctor or masseuse or chiropractors office. I fantasize that they I'm in a position where my pants are pulled down for massage or exam and they take advantage of my vulnerability. I have not even gone as far as 2 consider making a doctor's appointment by saying I'm having pain down there. In hopes that he or she wood put on a rubber glove and examine me. I am sure they don't know but I would let them do anything to me at that point.

  • I fantisize about being forced to suck on a hot c***. Maybe even being forced to bend over and take that hot c*** in my bare bottom. I have never been with a trans or a male but I admit when I m********* I fantasize about being forced to submit. Usually my fantasies involve being on all fours or being bent over a piece of furniture and forced to suck while being forced from behind.I often wonder how it would feel to havesome ones hot juices shoot up inside me. Or how it would feel / taste in my mouth as I suck.

  • I met a beautiful s****** and we made love, first she had me suck her c*** and massage her b****, then got me on my back and played with my ass and finger f***** me and told me I will feel a bit of pressure and next thing I know her head was in me and then her whole eight inch c*** was in and felt her low hanging b**** slap against mine looking up at her and squeezing her b**** softly then she began f****** me harder and then feel hot juices in me then oozing out down my lower back, then she flipped me over and ROYALLY f***** me doggie style and had her sexy legs over mine like she was breaking this little philly in, then it was my turn to make passionate love to her as I did we fell in love, we are engaged and soon she will be on my side as I will be on hers, her c** tastes sweet and love swallowing her love juice

  • Yes, kissing a tranny is an incredible experience. Especially when she's got your c** in her mouth. Delicious.

  • Mmmmmm.....i want f***** now.

  • Ditto here, a very VERY serious case of tranny l***, unexplored. My favorite fantasy, and the one I engage in the most often, is being secretly involved with an extremely dominant transexual, like yours, and we are dating on the side and f****** like crazy, CONSTANTLY, unbeknownst to my wife and family. My t-girl, being the dominant partner she would be, takes the initiative in the relationship -- knowing that what would be best for me is to end my marriage and be with her alone -- calls my wife one day while I'm at work and then goes to my house and explains to my wife and daughters just what she's been doing to me, and even explains that we've repeatedly had s** in the marital bed, and in each of their beds. And then she tells my wife and children to "get the f*** out", or she will make a scene that will blow the family to smithereens and embarrass each one of them beyond repair. By the time I get home that night, only my t-girl is left there, and she's waiting for me at the front door, naked, erect, ready, and announcing, "Everybody's gone for good, darling: it's just you and me now . . . . . forever." And so it is. I would never have the guts to act this out, but I dream about it every day. EVERY DAY. Yes, a dominant transexual (with lots and lots of tattoos and piercings) is precisely what I want. And it's also what I truly NEED in my life. And I would love her, as she would say, "forever". You are, in the words of another commenter here, "the luckiest person in the world." Continued good fortune to you and your special, dominant girl.

  • Same here too. i wish i had tranny love in my life. PLEASE tell us more about your girlfriend and about your relationship with her.

  • I envy you, too. I have never been able to develop the nerve to date a transexual, though I met one several years ago and had drinks with her and wanted her to just climb on me and do me, but then I lost my willpower to cheat on my wife. I regret that decision, and wish I had a woman like that in my life today, either as a mistress or as my a wife or partner. You are a hero.

  • Wish i had had that chance...mmmmmm the chance to suck or be f***** do anything for it.

  • You are literally the luckiest person in the world. I love you.

  • Has she ever came in you? How does it feel/ taste in your mouth?

  • Precum tastes sweet and c** is stronger but really good and love the hotness or heat of the love juice deep in my manpussie and when she c*** a lot I love guzzling it and then when f****** feeling her low hanging b**** slap hard against mine

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