Don’t trust just anybody!

Don’t trust just anybody!
I am really mad at my Best friend. Her name is Sanyah. What she did to me was so unbelievable. I HAD a boyfriend named Dustin he was the best bf u could ever have. Dustin was her ex. And she was like a piece of thread between me and Dustin. One day, in school we were going to art and every day when we go to are we see Dustin's class. So as usual, I would hide behind my books and she would bring attention from Dustin to me and embarrass me. Then when his class left, she said to me that she was jealous. This got me p*****. And I stormed in to the art room. Since that day I wondered if she was going to inter fear with our relationship. I was right. One day in school I got mad at Dustin and blah blah blah we broke up blah blah blah and he said he didn’t care blah blah blah we argued blah blah blah. Then after school, I called him back expecting for an apology and what did he give me? Every time I would say something his response was why. So I got mad at him. I hung up the phone. I thought to myself, im not gonna waste my time and my breath with that rat. An hour later I got a phone call from him. He said he was sorry and blah blah blah. So I forgave him. (Such a mistake!) Then I asked him, would you go back out with me? Then that’s when he said, im all ready in a relationship. I ask with who. (Like I didn’t know!) He said Sanyah. That’s when my heart broke, my stomach got butterflies, my brain started to think back. My muscles got tensed and I just fell apart. He asked if I was mad and that Sanyah had said that for him to tell me not her. I said with a weak voice that I was not mad. Then I just kept saying I knew it. I knew It. I knew it! I hung up. He called me back and said what happened. You know what I told him-you know what you can tell Sanyah that I am not her friend and never will be. Then I just hung up and called up Sanyah and said, I can’t believe you, Dustin told me that you where dating. You knew that I still liked him. You knew that I was gonna go back with him. What a friend you are! >:( im never talking to you again! And don’t try to make it better. I was gonna try to make our relationship last until he want to 6th grade. But NO, you inter feared. You where jealous! >:( oh im gonna get you!!!!!!!!! >:) now good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was laughing she said oh im so scared of you!!! And started laughing again and I hung up. That was the worst day of my life. That’s when Sandy came. The hurricane. Now all I am waiting for is school. We go back on November 5, 2012. Today is November 2, 2012. I am gonna KILL her. Thanks for reading write back if you can. :).

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  • Ugh.. Preteens.. What seems like a big deal now is gonna seem like what is is when you reach highschool. Childish.. Trust me its all in the plans of growing up.

  • Take a deep breath and then let it go. When you're in middle school and high school this drama seems like the end of the world. But it's not. There will be other boys, but it's important to never let a boy ruin your friendships. It's also another good rule of thumb why you should never date each other's exes, no matter how long you dated for. Don't you think that Sanyah has a right to be angry at you for dating Dustin? Your friendship should come first. Just because they stop dating, doesn't mean you stop liking him. You seem to think this is all about you. Is this kid Dustin all that great? Sounds like you're feelings are just hurt and you want to be right. Chances are in 10 years from now you and Sanyah will still be friends and you'll look back and laugh that you fought over what was his name... When you go back to school, talk to your friend. Tell her your hurt and angry..but you don't want to let a boy destroy the friendship. It shouldn't be competition. Hurricane Sandy has destroyed so many homes and lives, this disaster should show you how life can change in an instant. Be grateful and thankful for everyone in your life, even Sanyah. Maybe you won't really understand the gravity of this event because you are so young, but try to put the pettiness behind you.

  • Had dustin a big c*** did u shave ur p****

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