What would you do?

What would you do if..........................

1. All your best friends moved?

2. Your friends now, you don't like anymore?

3. If you don't agree with the people your around with all the time?

4. If everyone had a boyfriend and you didn't? (age 12)

5. If people treated you like a baby because you don't like cursing (which everyone has to curse because it's just SO necessary)?

6. If you were struggling in Pre Algebra (grade 7)?

7. If you feel like your heads going to explode with everything going on in your life?

8. If you had a friend that does drugs, get high, smokes, and dates guys to old for her and you promised not to tell anyone?

These are all questions about things in my life that are 100% true, I sware. Please answer honestly about these because I would really like honest answers. Thank You.

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  • This guy below my is right :P

  • 1.The lesson you'll learn in life is that things pass. But, somethings seem like forever when you're 12, but it will pass. And you'll find that things are cyclical. So when you're friends move away at 12, they'll also move and go to college at 18. And then get married and start having babies at 30. And you know what you do..you go with the flow. Just because someone moves doesn't mean you won't be in contact with them. And you'll make new best friends and you will be okay. Because as humans we adjust.

    2.You get new friends. Nothing says you have to be friends with people because you've gone to school with them since pre-K. Start joining clubs and groups so you can meet others. Maybe even taking a break from your old friends can help the situation.

    3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's okay to disagree. And if the topic brings on too many arguments agree to not bring it up.

    4. You will have a boyfriend. Not everyone dates in middle school or even high school for that matter. It's not a competition. Let things happen, a cute boy will find you for sure.

    5.Stand up for your beliefs and don't let it bother you. Who cares. You're not a baby if you don't have a potty mouth. Does it make your friends so grown up if they do?

    6. Ask for help from the teacher or get your mom to find a math tutor. No shame in asking for help..with anything.

    7. Take deep breaths.. refer to answer 1.. things will pass. Do what you can. You can only control what you can control.

    8. Something is up with your friend, she needs help. And keeping a promise like that is not helping her. She's acting out and will most likely get herself into big trouble that she will not be able to handle on her own. You're 12..tell her parents. Let them handle it. Some promises should be broken.

    9. Don't forget to smile and be a kid and enjoy life.

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