I have to get rid of my cuts.

This is weird, I know. However, I have been cutting my self every time my parents have been suffering me. Suffering me for good grades, and a better attitude, I have been trying my hardest. Everytime I get a a-, they want better. They want much more. Every time, I try my hardest, they want more. Everytime they hurt me , i start cutting. In 2 months, i had 135 cuts, I think I might die soon. My life hurts. I try my hardest i can't stop cutting.

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  • Why stop use a sharp knife its better

  • Self harm often becomes an addiction, so it's safer for you to try to stop doing it as soon as possible. I used self harm as a way to cope with hurt, disappointment and anger, so I know how you feel, but one day you realise it's the only way you know, and you can't live like that. Your parents probably want you to do your best but a- is already amazing, they can't call you on your lack of work because your marks are really good. It's not fair that they put you under so much pressure, you don't deserve to feel like a disappointment and you don't deserve to feel so bad you have to cut yourself. Please believe that you are good enough and a beautiful person, whatever they say. My only advice is to try to find other ways to cope with anger and depression, because hurting yourself is not the answer. On the internet you can find lists of distractions and other activities you can do whenever you feel like cutting, I found them very useful.

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