Maybe It Was Wrong But It Felt So Good!

Hee, hee. I just kicked the s*** out of my old boyfriend's b**** barbie doll new girlfriend. Yeah, it was prolly wrong but it felt sooooooooo good!!! I loved it!!! Revenge is sweet!!!

As a bonus It might bring my boyfriend back to me when he finds out that I love him enough to fight for him. He should not be with that prissy b**** anyway. I hate those girly girl b****** who sit around painting their faces adn doing their nails all day! I am a real woman and that is what Brian needs.

And if any of you p**** boys think that was wrong, would you rather have a girlfriend like me who would have your back in a fight or a barbie who would not do s*** while you got your ass kicked? And I am hot! Think about it.

Nov 29, 2012

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  • I think I'm in love and I want to marry you.

  • You are a b**** and a bully!

  • I personnally would like to have someone like you. Don't really give a s*** if that person was hot or not. But this Brian isn't worth your time. If he doesn't like you, he really isn't worth it. Keep kicking ass though. Revenge, gotta love it.

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