I wish I would get pregnant so I wouldn't allow myself to ever consider suicide again.

Future baby, you have and will never have an inkling how loved you will be, even if you decided to hate me when you grew up, you'd have saved my life.



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  • It's 6 years later. Did you get yourself that crotch cricket, the one who was going to Save Your Life? When it starts having a personality and values of its own, will you swoon and cry and "remind" it why it came into existence by threatening suicide until its spirit is broken? Will you still be feeding it fish fingers when it's in its 30s? Will it have no personality aside from what you're comfortable with?

    Seriously selfish reason to make a baby, girlie. Think long term. Actually, maybe just think. Too hard? Then don't spawn, sicko.

  • I wanna get you pregnant and save your life. Who are you and what do you look like?Where are you? I want you to have my baby in the next 9 months.

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