Luv to tease guys with my nice legs

I love wearing short skirts and pretending I don't know I have a lot of leg showing. I love the way that gives me power over guys who trip over themselves to get a peek up my skirt. God I love to tease men like that. And oh my last week I was visiting one of my girlfriends and her 75 year old grandfather was straining to see more of my legs. Can you imagine? What a dirty old man! I did a charity case senior discount with that one and accidentally on purpose gave the old fart a bonus peek at my sexy black panties when I uncrossed my legs. I felt a little sorry for him because at his age he probably doesn't get to see much and probably hasn't had any s** in forever. When I left he had a smile on his face. I feel good about that. Once in awhile my teasing is like I am doing a public service when I flash old men and ugly guys. And though those guys don't turn me on, I do get h**** showing to anybody old, ugly, fat or skinny. My husband doesn't know about my leg showing fetish. He is one of those boring born agains and he with all his self righteous crap and bible blabbering would get super p***** if he knew his wife loves to give men peeks up her skirt. Oh well.

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  • Love it.. My older sister is the textbook "hot teacher" at her school, and every so often, will wear the shortest, and tightest of skirts, on purpose, to drive the boys and male teachers crazy. Usually picks days that the higher-ups will be out or on vacation, but, also sometimes does it for bus trips and public events.

    I've seen coaches, and coaching staffs, at sporting events ask her out for drinks (all of them at once), take pics of and with her, and grab her ass in those skirts..She loves the attention and sees it all in fun.

  • Hmm love this! I am actually a nice looking 42 year old 6'4" man. I loveee getting flashes like this from women all the time! GIves me quite the b**** everywhere I go!

  • I disagree that hes a dirty old man just because he looked when you showed your panties. Im 70 and I would have looked too. bit of advice to make it even better for the next old man- leave off the panties!

  • Interesting you judge the old man as 'dirty'. Given he is reacting the way you want and also the way any red blooded male would. The way I would. For whatever reason, the way God made me?, my eyes are drawn to a girl in a short skirt. Natural. I guess that labels me a 'dirty old man' too. At least I am honest and non judgemental.

  • I think you should wear the shortest skirt you can get and go pantiless making sure to show off more than just those sexy legs on purpose. Believe me its a real thrill seeing guys stare at you and a big turn on making me all wet and h****. Don't forget to shave yourself smooth for the best effect. :)

  • Flaunt it if you got it. Some day YOU TOO will be old. From an old guy thanks! Every though about NOT wearing panties when you uncross your legs...


  • I'm an old, ugly guy so seeing you walk by in a short skirt would put a smile on my face. Thanks for showing your nice legs.

  • You should go barefoot whenever possible...

  • I agree, barefoot and pantiless shaved smooth

  • That sounds amazing :) i would love to have a friend like you.. nothing wrong with harmless teasing ;D

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