I cheated?

I am engaged to a wonderful woman, the best that I could ever ask/hope for. She is really into waiting until marriage to have s** and I respect that and have respected that so far. The other night however I was really h**** and ended up chatting with someone online who I ended up meeting to watch a movie with with the knowledge that something might happen.

We didn't kiss but we fooled around a bit and she gave me a b*******. I feel terrible. I tried to justify it as not being different than masturbating because there was no emotional connection and it was just to get off.

Now that I've done that I know I would never do it again. I'm leaning towards not telling my significant other and just trying to forget about it and appreciate what I have but don't know what to do.

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  • He should buy himself a metal chastity cage and wear it until it becomes comfortable. After that tell her that you were having trouble staying chaste for her, and burst into tears. Say that you very much wanted to be chaste for her but this had become harder and harder so that, in shear desperation you had sent off for something to help you. Then explain to her about the cage, which you are wearing. Then say that although you have not unlocked it and given in to temptation you fear that the day is not far off. Will she please be kind and take charge of the two keys so that you may stay totally chaste until your wedding day, and not have to be constantly troubled by temptation? If she is merciful and really loves you she will smile and kiss away your tears and hold the keys jealously for the next 4 years.

  • Don't say anything,if you want your fiancee to remain in your life.Deal with what you've done and get over it.Your future wife will be heartbroken,if you tell her.She'll think its about,s**.

  • no way dont say nything!!

  • I think that it was definitely wrong to do that. But in my opinion you should just get up the nerve and tell her. She might not be that mad that you did that IF you tell her. There's a chance she will find out if you don't tell her and she will be so angry that she will break up with you, but if you tell her she will appreciate the honesty and not be so angry.

  • It's funny that you say you respect her insistence on no s** before marriage, then prove that was a lie. Your blue b**** got the better of you and it's her fault. Yes, her fault. She's marrying someone who wants s** NOW and torturing him over some self-imposed, outdated notion that s** should wait. Your marriage is screwed, unlike you, if you can't be made to bend to her will in all things. You've failed that first test.

  • Just move on and forget about it. Don't tell her unless you are prepared for the relationship to end. Good luck

  • All these people are full of s***. You're right, there was no emotional connection. Don't let one mistake ruin your entire life. You need to take a good look at your relationship with this girl and decide if it's what you really want. If it is, then don't tell her. A bj in a movie theater is much different than f****** her anyway.

  • Guys need to stop thinking with their d****. So you have needs..well you needed to be faithful to your fiance. Was this really the first time you strayed? You have to tell your fiance, at the risk of losing everything. It's the right thing to do. Just because you didn't have s** with this other girl or there was no emotional connection, you cheated. You need to get yourself tested. And it didn't just happen..you sought it out. You went online looking for something and found it. Your intentions were there. It would have been one thing if you just chatted with someone, but you met up with the other chick. Hopefully, your fiance will forgive you, she may not forget. Hope for the best, prepare for the worse.

  • Its cheating regardless of how you justify it. You wonderful fiancee deserves to know what kind of man she's marrying. After all if your h**** self can't b controlled before marriage then why would it change after your married? Either way you at least owe it to her to tell instead of being a lying s***** bag. Be a true man and own up! Let her decide!

  • TELL HER! It is NOT your decision to NOT tell her. It is her decision to stay with you or throw your lying cheating ass to the curb! AND NO dumb ass, a bj is NOT the same as masturbating! Unless you can suck your own d**k!!

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