Old **

So for me , I just love looking at women. As a kid I use to look in my neighbors windows, did not see much but did see one neighbor that has kept me checking windows even today. I got married and tried to peek on my wife but she figured it out and said why peek when you can see me naked any time. Are
their other guys who ** the wife and find it is a great turn on. Let's chat

Jun 24, 2021

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  • Thanks for the feedback. I never claimed what I was doing was normal but I hear what you are saying

  • Let's NOT, freak.

  • Please stop because one old dude was looking at me on the beach today and I was about to throw up. It makes you repulsive. You would be more attractive to a young girl if you ACTED like a chivalrous man and not a pervert. STOP!

  • I can relate to the post regarding window watching, I have been a window ** for many years and have had some wonderful views, I find it exciting when I can park my car opposite a house that has net curtains, but lets the light in, watching for movement and I have had some great shows, sometimes the lady knows and undresses a number of times, also walking my dog where houses back onto the park, always have my eyes peeled for that exciting moment, absolutely love it.

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