I cant stop

My wife's 23 year old sister moved in with us a year ago and I spy on her all the time, I spend most evenings in the garage working on various things or just hiding from my wife, Her sister sleeps in the basement bedroom and most nights when my wife texts me to say goodnight I sneak along the side of the house and peek in the window, The blinds are never closed all the way and usually I can peek in and see something.
She is a nicely built girl, Not chubby but not skinny, Just normally built, She has nice b**** and a nice bum, From time to time I get to see her change for bed and a couple times even get herself off, I know that one day I will probably get caught but I cant stop myself from spying on her.

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  • Harmless fun. Enjoy it to its fullest. There is nothing like peeping on the unknowing.

  • Be happy with what you have and stop fantasizing about something you can't have. Seriously, it's men like you, that make women like me, feel proud to be unobtainable!! :-)

  • Hot

  • I had a sister-in-law move in our basement. When my wife worked, her sister would invite me to watch movies. She wore a short skirt with no panties. Every time she bend over I saw everything. My kids taught we were watching movies. My sister-in-law wanted s** and was not ashamed to say so. She told me she was on birth control so we had s** without condoms. She was 19 and a virgin. She is now 25 years old and works for me. Her boyfriend asked her to marry but she said "not yet". She only has had s** with me but does want to stop.

  • A virgin that was on birth control?

  • Totally natural and hot. Clearly not in happy marriage , been there.

  • Not necessarily true, in reference to not being in a happy marriage. Some men are and still want more. It's called "Greed!"

  • Congrats

  • Dumass

  • Dumbass!

  • Hah, that seems pretty bad. I hope you stop though, if you don't you might feel some major guilt.

  • Do you ever whip it out and give it a stroke while you watch?

  • I'd do this given chance.

  • 23 and hiding from your wife. She must be pretty fearsome for you to stay?

  • Loser

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