I got beat up by a girl

This is really embarrassing, but please be totally, brutally honest...

So I have this really tough cousin (one of the toughest girls in our school). She's fighting with her little brother the other day and when I went to pull her off of him, she turned on me like "you wanna fight?" She kept threatening me and shoving me backwards til I couldn't back up anymore Because there was a spare bed behind me. Then she really made me look like a punk by shoving me down onto the bed and standing over me like "come on, get up, lets fight" "are you scared of a girl?" "what's a matter b****, don't you have any b****?" I knew if I got up she could just shove me back down Because the bed was right behind my knees. I got up anyway, and she shoved me right back down. When I got up a second time, she stared me down for a second then slapped me in the face. She stood there for a couple seconds to see if j would react. When I didn't, she was like "that's what I thought..." My own family (brother & cousins) say I'm lucky she didn't beat me up even worse - they think she can easily beat me up cuz 1) she's just as strong as me - I couldn't beat her in armwrestling - had to settle for a draw after 5 min of trying my hardest and 2) She's more of a natural born fighter and more dominant than me (I guess she used to beat me up when we were little). I still highly doubt a girl could really beat up a boy.

A) Why do you think my cousin did this to me? Like what does she get out of doing that?
B) And why is she so sure she can beat me up?
C) Do you think some really tough girls actually can beat up boys?
D) Do you think my cousin could beat me up? Why / why not? (Please give some explanation here)
E) Am I a wimp for letting her humiliate me like that?

PS - I know this is kinda long and a lot. If talking on the phone is faster/easier for you, lmk.

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  • A) Why do you think my cousin did this to me? Like what does she get out of doing that?

    It could be anything ranging from she's a bully to she gets off on dominating guys to she was scared and reacted with fight instead of flight.

    The most likely is just that she has a temper and felt you were disrespecting her. If she was already in the middle of a fight she was obviously in a heightened place and you stepping in might have either p***** her off in general or more specifically she might have thought you were trying to manhandle her and wanted to show you that she thought you couldn't.

    B) And why is she so sure she can beat me up?

    Again, could be lots of reasons -- but from the story above? She probably pushed you to see what you would do, and when you folded instead of pushing back she figured you were scared of her, and/or that her "victory" over you there was earned and you knew better than to resist.

    C) Do you think some really tough girls actually can beat up boys?

    Yep. I did martial arts for years, and saw lots of different configurations of ages/genders/builds spar. I have seen 13 and 14 y/o girls beat up guys twice their size if the circumstances were right. It is not common but I've seen it.

    D) Do you think my cousin could beat me up? Why / why not? (Please give some explanation here)

    Honestly I don't know. If people who KNOW you seem so confident that she can, I would lean toward it being very possible, but you seem like that is not the answer you want and I honestly can't claim to have inside info on two people I've never met.

    E) Am I a wimp for letting her humiliate me like that?

    Seems to me that you just didn't know what to do. You thought you could beat her so you figured fighting back would be unfair, but in hindsight she has taken that behavior as surrender and is using it to her advantage.

  • 1st girl who beat me up was named Simone, she didn't really have a reason too she just did it, then her and her friend Natasha jumped me, Natasha grabbed me by my wrists while I was on the floor and dragged me. Then another time Natasha caught me alone and i begged her not to do it. She grabbed my wrist and twisted it as hard as she could. Then another time this girl named Natalie choked me in front of a bunch of people which was embarrassing and last is Donna. I'm scared of her she treats me like a child or something she always smacks me on my butt as hard as she can and it stings so bad. She put me over her knee yesterday and now it hurts to sit down and when I asked her why she does this she says it's because I'm soft, and she's gonna continue to do it, and before you laugh at me cuz I got spanked I'd like to see any of u get put over the knee and spanked on the bare. I can barely even sit down and I can't even tell anyone cuz I'll get laughed at

  • Don't feel bad, I've got beaten up a lot by girls...just do what they say and you will be ok, I've been beat up by 4 different girls.

  • I agree with the first comment. Your cousin is a bully. Just the fact that you didn't lower yourself to her level and fight with her shows who the better person is.

  • Ahahahhahahahha

  • Hi,

    You were put in a bad situation, you can't say h*** yea' i hit a girl, but at the same time you don't wan't some phycho b**** beating the s*** out of you either. If by some way you can get out of this situation please do. Because if by some act of god you do beat her in a fight, she's going to grab every low brow d****** to get pay back on you so no matter what you do you wont win. sorry

  • Bottomline - Your cousin is a bully and has anger management issues for sure. She's obviously not able to use words and calmly convey what's going on with her so she uses her fists. Maybe it's hormonal. You don't say how old you guys are. Like is she 12? or 17? It will probably get worse before it gets better. You're lucky she is just using her fists and not finding other weapons or throwing things at you. Maybe something is going on in the home or has happened to her and she feels the need to fight or protect herself. A. She's getting some satisfaction/release from beating people up. Maybe it's an adrenaline rush. You getting in between her and her brother, you made yourself a target. B. Mabye it's a scare tactic, or maybe the anger she's building is an indicator of how sure she is. Who knows..She sounds like she has issues. C. Yes. Never underestimate anyone.. even the smallest kid can have his/her day. D. Refer to C. E. You are not a wimp. Boys/Men should not hit women for any reason. Your restraint shows strong character. But her fighting you or even "winning" is not very ladylike Not sure what it really accomplishes..What are you really winning? Bragging rights? Not sure how far that would go for you to brag that you beat up your cousin. Or how it would sit with your parents. Just walk away the nexttime this occurs. That may get her p***** off, but someone you have to be the bigger person and diffuse the situation.

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