I might lose the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I am 19, and i have been battling depression since my mom passed away four years ago. 2.5 years ago the best thing to have ever happened to me walked into my life, and at first i wasn't sure about my feelings for him (since with the depression, i only have really depressed or really hyper and wasn't really in tune with my feelings). it took me until about a month ago to realize how much i am in love with him.

but about 6 months into our relationship we had this mutual friend. He liked me a lot and at the time being young and stupid, i started to like him for the things he would tell me and fell for every lie he told. when i first started getting those feelings for our friend i told my boyfriend and talked to him about it. i wasn't going to hide anything from him. i asked him since he was my first boyfriend and i haven't had experience with any other guy to try stuff with the other guy and my boyfriend said "if thats what you want" so i stupidly did.

Every day i wish i could take back what i did but, i can't. and now two years later he tells me that he can't trust me anymore, and doesn't know if he wants to be with me. he says he loves me but he is treating me like I'm a horrible person. he is hardly talking to me, giving me one worded text when i sent him something cute. he isn't acting the same. I'm afraid I'm going to lose him. i will kill me inside if i lose him. he is hurting so much from what i did, and i am hurting so much from just hurting him. i don't know what to do. can someone please help?


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  • I am convinced sarina russo is in the illuminati groups with some agenda and she had a list a bit like santa claus but most were in her naughty corner she has a list and she is checking it twice she gonna find out how it feels to s*** rice!

  • Ask you one question, was it worth it to mess around with the OTHER guy, that which your goodtime Charlie, all he wanted to get in your panties, now you say love with your boyfriend, guess what! Your boyfriend done with you, because all you are is a cheater, one day he will say to you I'm done, and bye, sorry you had a good time Charlie that lied to you, they all do! They don't care about about their self, maybe you can patches thing up, really I don't think so, please let us know what happened to your relationship with your boyfriend.....bye

  • Dude really? don't you think this person is feeling bad enough? it says they have depression why would you go and say that s***. I'm sure they know what they did was wrong and was messed up and by putting it up here they are trying to confess for what they did and they learned for their mistake... there is no need to call this person names or any of that stuff.

  • You made a bad choice, remember rule 1, do not to leave the person you going with frist, the other guy was a goodtime Charlie... You broke your first boyfriend heart, he's not talking to you, sooner or later he would find somebody that he can trust, you two-faced him, was it worth it, now the other guy don't won't nothing to do with you, guess what you s**** to self, our love by your first boyfriend, get over it move on leave him alone, you had your chance with your first boyfriend and you blew it, you are a stank or much worser.

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