Married men turn me on but ...

If they don't give me what I want I won't play along. Too many of them only want to suck my c*** and that's it. It's like they're not really gay, or it isn't really a gay act if all they do is give me oral.

Well, I want to ride their ass. I want to kiss them deeply. I almost always get my way. I go easy if it's their first time at a***. I want them to love it and come back begging for more.

Eventually I f*** them hard and we truly make love. Knock off the sucking only stuff guys. If you want this you're getting the full-meal deal.

Dec 27, 2012

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  • I'm married and have been s*cking c*ck, especially black guys since I was in my teens. I let um f*ck me last night.. Mmm it hurt's sooo good. I'm pretty much a newlywed, twenty years old and not even married a year. He told me that he was gonna "do my cute little @ss, and take it if I wasn't gonna give it up!" I just thought it was just flirting, and would show off my cute little underpants as I gave him a bj. He literally ripped um off me and fcked me. It has changed me. I couldn't wait to get out of his bed just after, and now I can't wait to get back in his bed????

  • im a married guy who has always done the oral-only thing. but after reading this i will have to reconsider. why? because reading this makes me want more.

  • I used to have the same problem with married men, believing that they aren't cheating if there's no a*** insertion (either way). But then I started telling them what the rules were on the first date, and who was in charge, and they were more than eager to oblige .......... of course, I wouldn't tell them that until everybody's pants were off and they had at least one hand on my d*** and could feel how hard and thick and hot it was: even with a married man, once he's wrapped his hand around your shaft, you own him and he can't say "no". He won't ever want less: he'll always beg for more. And that is precisely when you give it to him: more.

  • I would definitely come back begging for more!!!

  • I want this, and I absolutely want the full meal. God, yes!!!

  • i'm a married guy who gets a little gay s** outside my marriage. i truly wish the guys i see were as forceful and demanding as you are. and i wish they were half as aggressive. if that were true i could be happy and i would love for all of them to rag out my ass. or i wish i could meet you for that.

  • forget those can have my married white ass any time you want it just as long as you hit it hard and keep hitting it. i want the full meal. hit it hard! HIT THAT S*** HARD!!!!!

  • I've read and re-read your post a dozen times, last night and this morning, and I have to say that it hits the nail square on the head. My head. I'm a 43 yr-old married man, with three kids, and for the past 18+ months I've been having an affair with a 20yo boy (same age as my son) who I met in a restaurant (he actually picked me up, but that's a very long story). I see now that I've been horribly unfair to him by keeping to my oral-only policy, and I see that I'll never really have him if I don't start giving him what he wants and stop pretending that I'm not gay if I never take him inside my ass. Yes, I want him in my ass, badly, and I'm desperate to have him to myself alone, but I guess I have justified my position with the fiction that I'm somehow still straight if I only give him BJs and HJs. I've only been thinking of myself, and not my lover. If I love him, and I do, then I have to give myself over to him completely, COMPLETELY, and let the chips fall. He is a spectacular and skilled lover, and if I had to choose between him and my wife, he would win easily. And he knows that. I just need to show that to him, and I'm making that my New Year's Resolution, the only one: Mark, you're going to start getting the ass. ALWAYS.

  • I agree completely. Not only are those guys unwilling to commit to us (as their gay lovers), and unwilling to commit to the lifestyle, they're unwilling to commit -- or even admit -- to being what they actually are. "I'm not really gay if I'm only playing with his d***!" is just bullshit, but more importantly, it's depriving us of the pleasure and release and relief we're entitled to. Married men! GIVE UP THAT ASS!! Or we'll just come and take it!!!

  • .....dams, this is the hottest and sexiest s*** i ever read.......DAMN!!!!

  • Here's what you do: First, go ahead and let them have their little fun with just oral (but make sure to get pictures and/or video without them knowing). Then when you start taking it further and they object show them the pictures/video you have and threaten to send them to his wife. You might think this is unfair but when you consider he was trying to exploit your feelings just to get his rocks off without giving you what you need I'd say turnabout is fair play. Oh, and I'm a straight guy but if one of my gay friends told me they were really hard up I'd do whatever they needed me to do because that's what friends are for!

  • this is exactly the right thing to do. if you do this, not only will each of them allow it, they will fall in love with you. a married man is secretly looking to blow up his marriage, flirting with disaster, playing with fire. you give him that and you'll own his ass - literally and figuratively - for life.

  • This is so true. I f*** a lot of married men and don't tolerate any coy bullshit. I have a big c*** and I'm going to own you with it. Period.

  • I should be more humble about things but I have too married little b****** who have spoiled me. They worship my c*** and crave what I do them with it. I also like my men clean. I'll take you in the shower and gently, lovingly soap you down. Every inch of your body. I'll get you nice and hard doing that. But things will take an evil turn, oh yes they will. I will have you bent over with my c*** sliding up and down your crack while I play with your d***. That soapy c*** of mine rubbing on your ass will have that hole actually trying to grab and pull it inside. But I torture you until I'm ready. Oh you beg for it. You will do anything and everything to get it.

  • You have no reason to be humble, so don't be. You know you have what we want, and you clearly know we'll do anything you tell us to do in order to get it in us. Please, dear f****** God let this man give me the shower treatment. Please, dear f****** God give me an a****** that will reach out and try to grab his magnificent c*** and pull it all inside me, every sweet hot pounding inch of it. Please, dear f****** God let this man torture me in an evil way. Please, dear f****** God make me beg him. I want to beg him. And then I want him to take me and rape my mouth and rape my ass and rape my wallet. I want him to use me to please his c***. Please dear f****** God, yes, I will do anything and everything to get it, including giving up my wife and family. I want a man like this in my life. And in my ass. Please dear f****** God let him give me hot sweet load after hot sweet load after hot sweet load pumped up my ass. Give me to him, dear f****** God. Please give me to him and let him own me.

  • i am married but you could own me with that f****** c*** of yours.

  • Married man here, and I just have to say that your confidence is totally hot. Of course, that big c*** of yours is even hotter. I would love to be owned by it. Yes, owned by a c***. I'm hard just from thinking about that ownership, and how you would exercise it. I even envision you using that ownership to maximum sexual, emotional and economic advantage, always knowing that you're wanted more than my wife, and that I have to give you nicer things, more things, more money, more s**. Oh, my . . . . . . . . .

  • I wanna meet u seriously. u sounds like you be in control i want u to f*** me with ur big c*** i am 22 and i would like for u to stuff ur big c*** in my tight ass and make me gargle on ur c*** choke me!!!! (L)

  • Of course you want my big c***. Of course I am in control. I want you on your back with your legs up high as I drive my big c*** way up inside that tight ass. I want to make out with you and feel the passion in your mouth as that c*** fills your ass. I like a guy who loves being my b****. Thing is, you need to be completely shaved. You gottta show me you can take my whole c*** down your throat. You have to want my hot load dumped up your ass so I can finger it after. That turns me on and gets me going for another round.

  • Truth is, reading this s*** turns me on. But I get turned on very easily. My c*** is fat and long and so easily hard and throbbing. The head is most impressive. Getting that into a mouth shows me how eager my boys can be. How hungry. My first few times with others were kind of awkward. They were scared of my c*** but they loved it. Their a**** were so f****** tight it scared them. But I have found there are many, many men who want that big thing up in their ass. The whole thing. Pounding, pounding, all the way in, almost all the way out. I love a boy s*** like that and there are a lot of them. My married b****** especially. My big loads are a turn-on for them too. I know that. They love it when I'm pumping that hot stuff deep inside them. I don't need to hunt for lovers online. I know where to find them. Sorry. But you can imagine me standing in front of you, pulling down my pants and revealing it to you. I can do a lot of things to you with it that you probably haven't experienced before. Yes, it's hot when I lay on the bed and see the desire for what I have. I like some reverse cowboy so I can see my c*** stretching your ass. Mmmmm. You'll suck me. You better. But eventually it's going up your ass. That's the deal.

  • When I read "the head is most impressive", I nearly fainted. I met a man in a bar about six years ago, and even though I admitted I was married, he let me pick him up and take him to a nice hotel (we couldn't go to his place: his boyfriend was at home). I knew he was well-hung, just from checking him out at the bar, spying his pants. But when we got tothe hotel and got undressed and I got a look at his d***, I was stunned: it was so big, at first I thought it was fake. But it wasn't. It was just gigantic, and it was magnificent, particularly the head. The head was almost the size of a fist, and the shaft was both thick and long. It was a completely beautiful c***. We dated secretly for several weeks, but I could never manage to get the head of that thing past my lips or into my ass, even though I tried like mad and used every kind of lube available. He finally got tired of only getting hand jobs (though I totally adored giving them to him, because it allowed me to be in contact with that meat) and ended it, telling me he needed someone who could "go all the way and take his d*** down the throat and up the ass". He did, however, pass me along to a very dominant friend of his with a smaller c***, and I served him for over two years before he started seeing someone richer. So, when I saw your phrase "the head is most impressive", it reminded me of the man that got away, and of what might have been had I only been born capable of taking somebody with a d***-head the size of a baseball. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing: you're a very, very, very hot man and you thrill all of us.

  • I want an assfull of that meat. And then I want an assfull of that c**. I want to feel it going in and out of me just like you said, increasing the drive, increasing the power, and increasing the force each time, hammering me into further submission and deeper slavery, and pushing me farther from my wife and my family. You are an unbelievable man, and you are ALL man.

  • i have never been with a man who had a c*** as big as yours and i would kill for the chance to be just one of your filthy married b****** available for your pleasure. i was once with a very big dicked man who f***** me mercilessly and refused to stop even after he had torn me and i began bleeding. it hurt like holy h*** at first but then eventually i started getting off on the pain and his dominance over me. i made the mistake of letting him know that, and that's when he really really started pounding it. i had to go to the doctor and even though i lied about the circumstances of the injury he knew what had happened and he came close to saying it out loud in front of my wife by mistake but i managed to stop him before she heard it. i was laid up in bed for several days after that but my man came to my house and had me suck his d*** while my wife was in the other room and then told me he would rip me open again soon just to prove to me that he owned my ass. i would gladly let you rip me up that way just so i could get on that monster d*** you have. i love you. i know all your b****** love you but i am totally serious.

  • I like this send me ur email so we could communicate more i wan u i am so serious i wan u shove ur c*** an ur egg bag in my mouth. Of course i want you to choke me with that big c*** of urs until tears roll down my eyes. i want you to slap me in the face with it. push ur c*** up my nose ears every hole. and even when we are done i wanna sleep with it in my mouth and when u wake up wit dat morning b**** in my mouth an bust a big load in my mouth i want you i am serious i wanna sit on the tip of ur c*** and bounce up and down just on top of your c*** head. You will name my tight ass " A MUST COME BACK"!!!! this is the 22 year old guy!!

  • I want that c*** and egg bag in my mouth too. This is so so so so hot!

  • jesus m************ christ this boy is hot and the two of you are making me hard as h***. theres no way in h*** i could ever compete with a 22yo guy but i tottaly want from you exactly the same thing he wants from you and it wouldnt bother me if he was your number 1 and i was just your married b****. i would never be jealous or ever complain and i would love to be abused by both of you. if you wake up with your c*** in his mouth it would be fine with me if he wakes up with his c*** in my mouth even though sometimes i would want to be f***** by you and that giant thing you carry in your f****** pants! the two of you are making my c*** hard and making my ass ache for you!! i want you both! you are both just too hot and nasty for words!! s***!!!!!

  • Please tell us how big that f****** thing is you have between your legs, and more about the ways you use it on married men. For example, how many do you own right now? Do you make them take it up the ass? And do you make them keep themselves only for you?

  • You know what else? Sometimes I go a few days without c****** just so I can take a married b**** and shoot that whole load down his throat. I get massive loads after a few days. It shoots out big and hot, then another wave and another. I love, love watching him try to keep up with the swallowing. Like I said, sometimes. Mostly I like shooting a load up the ass. Even my second load of the night can be impressive and I can spread those cheeks and see it oozing out, if you can take some bragging.

  • Once again this is the 22 year old. I am so serious i wish i could meet u i am really turned on by the things u post. wat i like about u is that you take control i wud wanna sniff ur c*** all night. beat me on my back with that fat c*** u have. I would want you to sit on my face while ur c*** is in my mouth and face f*** me. i wanna feel ur c*** in my stomach. my ass hole is twitching jus for u. i also want you to finger f*** me, i want you to make me cry make me tap out

  • I know its the other guy that you want the one with the d*** with the amazing head on it but i just wanted to say to you how unbelivably hot you are and tell you how hard you get me just from reading your messages just the way you say all the things you want. it is so clear that you know how to take care of the man in your life and that you would be a one-man guy and do everything he wanted. and i just wanted to tell you that i wish my boyfriend was like you. yes i am married and hes not but i just so wish he was as hot and totaly nasty as you are. you are realy amazign. seriously!

  • Once again this is the 22 year old. Of course i am a one-man guy. i am that type but i just love to see a big c*** omg it really turns me on its like i am tempting to do so much things when i see a c*** its like my veins in my body starts pumping its like its a must i go after that c*** or its a must i suck that c***. but seriously that man is a turned on. He as all the qualities that i expect in men i would do anything just to meet up with him seriously i want him badly he is very agressive an thats wat i like someone who knows what they are doing and someone who be in control pounding my ass and to be honest i only had a*** s** once my entire life and sucked 3 c**** my entire life but i want moreeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Damn. Now I am intrigued. That 22-year-old ass sounds delicious and tight. I may have to go slow with you at first. I've broke in a few like you. The big c*** takes some time to fully appreciate. But the pleasure of the big meat doing its thing would happen. Damn. I seriously think I want to take you for a ride. You little s***, making me h**** for a twink like you. Oh the load I could deliver you.

  • Once again this is the 22 year old>> Of course u wanna take me for a ride let me prance up an down on that big meat of yours u call a c***. I want u to fill my ass hole with ur big load and video tape it draining out of my tight a******. I want u f******* me. I want u to please dis tight ass of mines. I can vision you spankin my ass while u pounding me do threads. I want u to glide ur c*** head up and down my a****** tease me finger f*** me in my ass hole> I want u to won this is mayne!!

  • I do a lot of traveling. Chances are, I will be somewhere near you soon. You could come to my motel room for a one-night stand. You would need to understand that I am not f****** kidding. I have an oversized c*** and I know how to use it. It's not fantasy, it's reality. I would seriously f*** the s*** out of you. I can last a very, very long time. I'll meet you at the door naked so you know right away this is no bullshit. A shower, some teasing and then f******, f****** and f******. I would allow some video, to a point. You can get some images of my c*** going in and out and it deep down your throat. I enjoy watching a tight a****** stretched. But video can be distracting. Ultimately, I want to s** you up like crazy. That bed will be bouncing. I want you barely able to walk after. But I will give you the choice for the first big load. In your mouth or up your ass. It's a lot. The second load will go where I decide. Are you ready for that? If I really like what I get from you there may be other times in the future.

  • This the 22 year old.... Seriously I want that c*** because u really brag about this big shaft thas in ur pants. u said that you wanted the bed to be bouncing I wanna be prancing up and down that big c***.Like I said earlier I wan you to gap my tight ass it will be urs for sure.... I am seriously ready for that I want you to decide were the first load an the final load I want you to decide don u get I I wanna be taken advantage of. If your serious abou it I will send u my email address or Skype info an I could arrange for a flight if I takes that just to have ur big c*** in my mouth... I sure it will be worth I.. I want you to have me chafe and crawling out of ur hotel room helpless..

  • You don't call the shots. I do. If I say you get the choice of where the first load goes, then I am telling you to make that g****** choice. H***, I may just shoot it all over your face. Let it drip down your nose and chin. I'll rub my c*** all over that c** on your face. That will make me hard again. Oh you little b****. Kneel on the bed while I stand behind you. I'll shove your head into the bed and get this big thing all up inside you and just f*** you raw. Are you all talk? Have you been f***** before? With a really big c***? Are you sure you know what you're getting closer to getting yourself into?

  • to the 22yo.....christ you are so amazingly hot! everything you write turns me on and makes me hard. everything. but that thing you wrote about twitching in your a****** and feeling the c*** in your stomach....... ommfg!! that s*** made me shoot in my pants! TWICE!!!! i hope you get this man because the two of you totaly deserve one another! good luck!!!

  • Dis is da 22 year old> I love UUU

  • i can be this kind of b**** for you. please, please take me.

  • i want to be taken like that in the shower and i want to become your married b****. shoot it in my face, shoot it in my mouth, shoot it in my ass, i don't care. i just want the shot. i want the load. i want it all.

  • you can brag all you want. you have earned it. i just want to be one of the married guys who you take with their feet up in the air and then stand back and watch as your seed oozes out of the ass. my guess is that your second loads are probably about twice the size of the first loads of an ordinary man. and you are obviously no ordinary man. god i think i am in love. and yes.......i will beg for it. in public.

  • Choke me too!!

  • same here. choke me baby!!!

  • jesus its like your taking over this whole posting and everybody wants you. i totally want you and i want that hot load of yours pumped up my ass. and then i totally want you to come back in me for another round. and another. and another. and another. come to me. c** in me. i want you. yes i want you. more than i ever wanted my wife or any other woman. pump that s*** up my ass. pump it.

  • god, baby, i want you to come control me. control me with that big d***. please come control me. come f*** me. come finger me. come f*** my ass and my mouth. COME F*** ME!!

  • I'm a straight male, married, with 2 kids, but Jesus......reading what you wrote makes me feel all jittery and hungry and weak and wanting. It makes my ass throb with desire, and that thing you wrote about liking a guy who loves being your b****? What you wrote and the way you wrote it makes me ache to be your b****! S***, you must be one incredibly hot man, because both that other poster and I both want your big c***. GOD! I can almost smell that c*** and feel that hot thing in my hands, and in my mouth. And in my ass!!! I even feel how wonderful it would be to have you in control. Total control! S***!!

  • i want to be controled and owned too. just thinking about it makes me hard and dripping. i love the way you would use your c*** to own me. you know you could do that and i know you could do that. i mean the OP is hot but you are so much hotter.

  • Damm hot can i f*** u jk u ass

  • This is so damn hot!!!!!

  • This guy is right: it is tooooooootally hot!

  • agree completely

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