Schools I take my stepdaughter out of karate class?

She threatened me with it yesterday. I don't know if she was serious but I'm a bit nervous about it.

I feel stupid for being scared of a 14 year old.


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  • Your stepdaughter should not disrespect you that way. Please do not tolerate it. She will never be able to hold down a job if you do. You may wish to talk to the instructor about taking her out of the class for that reason. The Buddhist martial artists (priests and nuns) centuries ago used it to defend themselves against those who despised them for their religion. My tae kwon do instructor would never approve of disrespecting a parent, particularly with threats of using the martial art itself. The Karate instructor probably feels the same way if he/she is at all an honorable martial arts instructor. You may want to contact that person.

  • You are stupid. Hope that helps. - Squadfather

  • Slap the f*** out her once....she won't do it again

  • No, don't take her out of it. Secretly start taking Krav Maga classes on your own, and then beat the living s*** out of her little p****-weight karate when she tries to use it offensively. Then take her out for ice-cream.

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