The truth screwed me

I'm going to do the short version of this. I have this uncle he's the creepy uncle of my family. He's also a huge PERV, I caught him molesting his nephew. I beat the living s*** out of him, but because of that I scared my cousin. So when I told my family members they asked my 6 year old cousin and he would not tell them the truth (I've had past problems with this b****** before) so of course my family turned on me except a few who only secretly believe me. So I went to the police and without any evidence or my cousin to tell the truth there's not a damn thing I can do. I tried talking to my cousin about it to only scare him more. I'm willing to do what's "necessary" to protect him if I let it go he'll do it again how do I know he's the only kid. Believed or not I'm getting the son of a b****

Dec 29, 2012

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  • No one should turn a blind eye to the abuse of a child. Good for you. The truth will come out in time. You'll be a better person for your trouble.

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