Middle school drama

I'm in college now, but something that happened in middle school has stuck with me. A boy that I thought was so cute and cool asked me out. I said no because of my mom's "no dating until you're 16" rule. Eventually I found out he asked me out on a dare. I'm a shy and awkward person who has next to zero self-confidence. Finding that out completely ruined me. I've found it incredibly hard to look at myself in the positive. I also have issues trusting people, even to this day, as a result of this situation.

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  • Something like this happened to me once in grade 6 during the school dance. The boy I liked asked me to dance with him and it was wonderful. Afterwards though, my "friends" laughingly told me they paid him $10 to dance with me. It was very embarassing and hurtful, since apparently most of the class had known about it too. At first I didn't want to forgive, since I felt like this was a major breach in my trust. Years later, during high school, however, I found new friends who I know I can trust to nevr hurt me like that. Even having them by my side all these years has made me more willing to forgive those mean girls all those years ago.
    What I'm trying to say is that while it is really hurtful for something like that to happen, hopefully you can find people who you know will always have your back and are deserving of your trust. Be willing to open yourself up a little to others and most of the time you'll see that they are worthy of YOUR trust also.
    Give it a try. I wish you all the best of luck :)

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