Mixed feelings and a mixed relationship!

I am falling so hard for him that it's not even funny. Every second he is near me my cravings grow deeper and every second we're apart my heart longs to see him. The confusing part is that he has no idea how I feel. We are not in a relationship but we do acknowledge feelings towards each other and we are sexually active. The problem here is I am white and he is black. I come from a very old fashioned family, I wouldn't call them racist,(mainly because I'd like to believe they're not!) but at the end of the day they are not supportive of a mixed relationship. I love my family dearly and I would hate to do anything that would revoke my invitation to holiday events but this boys has literally taken my heart. I know that the only reason I haven't expressed my extreme emotions to him is because I am afraid of the confrontation that will come with it and also because I believe in order to love someone you should know they're background. Whether that's whispering secrets in the dark or meeting the parents. I believe they are all important... but could daddies little girl bring the tattooed African American boy to his doorstep and not disappoint him?

Jan 9, 2013

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  • Well, I'm not really for race mixing but all I can say is if he makes you happy then go for it,whatever floats your boat. It sounds to me like you are the typical white girl who wants a taste of what isn't conventionally normal in your "world". It's kinda like the good girl wanting the bad boy. You focus a lot on him being black and tattooed. Sounds like a rebellious phase. That aside f*** your parents, do what you feel is right for you.

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