Play the cards you are delt!

This happened to my wife not me. We usually play cards with a couple nearby. Typically my wife sets across from me. She often slips out of her shoes and puts her feet in my lap. Sometimes she gets devious and wiggles her toes in my groin. Last night we switched and Dan sat across from my wife Karen. Everything is going fine, then Dan starts making some 'dumb' plays. He shoots me a wild, terrified look then looks straight ahead. I look over at my wife who has leaned back in her chair, her legs stretched out and concentrating on her cards. Dan is sweating BULLETS. Man was he nervious! I realized what was going on and thought I was going to bust a gut. I start giggling, Dan is petrified, and Karen is humming, arranging the cards in her hand. Susan( Dans' wife) looks at him, then, me and then Karen, she knew something was amiss. "What's going on?" she demands in a loud, stern voice. I lost it and started laughing out loud, Dan is ready to s*** himself! Karen looks up from her cards, looks at Susan, then me (laughing hysterically) then across the Dan! Her mouth flew open and she blushed like I never saw! a whimpering "oh no, oh no", is all she can manage...When we let Susan in on the 'joke' she was NOT amused, but has since come around. Now our inside joke is 'Who do you want to sit across from?'

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  • I am sick of hearing people getting away with demanding s**, I have never done that, how evil. its sick. people don't owe you s**. and s** is not as normal as our bodies assume just by the feeling. its just a feeling. you don't have to feed the feeling.

  • This should have led to some wife swapping

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