I hate God

I hate God, if such an omnipotent being even exists...for many things already but now especially for taking my Mom this way. For making her struggle to breathe and suffer and rot in that bed until she dies. She doesn't want to die and she's fighting you. She didn't deserve an ending like this. And You know it. You just don't care or it was Your goal to make us both suffer.

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  • I am sure god is schizophrenic and has been possessed by the devil for some time now and needs a clearance check.

  • How can you hate god and question his existence? He isn't real.

  • There is no God.

  • The important thing to remember is that s*** happens. I have had a very similar situation. I have lost 6 people in 5 years I was p***** at God for a long time but sometimes s*** happens and there is simply no reason.

  • God hate's you too.you are going to rot in h*** for al eternity.

  • People who says I hate god it means they believe in him just because their life has some problem they start be angry and say I hate god but it is not true

  • When a parent dies the child for the first time faces their mortality... When a child dies the parent loses immortality it is a sad but necessary philosophy... If your I can't remember who said that first but it makes sense

  • If your Christian, just remember that the God we believe in, allowed his own son to suffer, be tortured and die.

    God's power, is not made manifest in preventing bad things from happening. God's power is made manifest, by transforming evil and suffering into something good. The chief example of this, is the death and suffering of His son becoming a means to our salvation.

    Unite your sufferings with those of Christ, through prayer; talking with Him. In little ways, God makes known his reasons and love of you.

    I know this, because I have seen it in my own life. So do do not hate the God who suffers with you.

  • You shouldn't hate god, it just was your mothers time to go, nobody wants to die, but now she is in a better place. Please believe in god again.

  • Everything happens for a resone god gave us free will for a resone and we just need to know he wants whats best trust me i lost my best frend last month he's 14 he was my best frend since we were 2 and he sliped taking a shower he died but its ok because i know that he bleaved and he is in paradise and ill see him again some day.

  • Not everything happens for a reason. I refuse to believe that my God plans for people to die in agony. Instead I believe that sometimes s*** happens and there is nothing that can be done.

  • Ok... Not trying to be a d*** here but its not free will if there is a threat of h*** for non followers and a promise of heaven for followers... It's not free will its fear mongering and that ain't right

  • A kid in Africa died of starvation while you typed this, he/she never knew anything about God or Christianity. If A god existed it would not allow such to happen.

  • Do you make a habit of hating people you don't know?

  • You don't KNOW God either. Nobody does. No matter what they say.or think. So shut the f*** up.

  • Not really very approachable, are you?

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