Wtf just happened

We have been seeing one another for almost a year. nothing has ever been made "official". We just started talking more seriously about taking the next step to dating... This was about 5wks ago. So. 4wks ago, he came over, met my family, made us dinner. Was great. After we got into the conversation again of becoming an item. He said he liked me calling him my bf. So I have been!!
I've been gone for a week on vacation. Before that he was gone for a week and a half for work. We haven't seen one another at all the last 3wks...
Tonight I got back to town. And he's been acting different this entire time. I thought maybe it's because this is the longest we've actually been apart. When he finally has time to see me. First thing he wants to talk about it this other girl he's been talking to for the last 4wks... right at the same time he was finally introduced to my family. Really?!
It took a lot for me to do that. To me, was a big step. And he told me he likes her. Doesn't know where it's going. And then showed me a picture.
OK. You like some other girl. That's all I needed to know. Why do you need to show me her picture though. Do I really need to see what I was replaced with.
After talking(mostly him with nervous babble over what's been going on last few weeks) he tried to kiss me. I didn't want to. And HE got offended.
WTF is he thinking?!

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  • He sounds like a real a******, trust me don't bother with him he will run back and forth to you and probably cheat on you if you ended up dating him. the whole picture thing was probably just a stupid way to get you jealous. he is a j*** you can find a much better guy

  • I'm sorry to hear that...
    He's a j***, and an a** hole, WHY did he have to show you the picture??!! .The h*** with him, you need a REAL man.
    This may be hard for you, I know how you feel, but just let it go, I'm sure something better is just arround the corner.


  • Lol he just wanted a stand by.......I'm sorrie okay , i would say j***, bye.....

  • It's pretty simple...he was going to settle for you, but was still actively looking for something better to come around. Cut ties, he's a selfish j***. You deserve better.

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