My abusive step dad

I might sound crazy but my step dad is the crazy one,he makes my mom feel like crap,and i love him and my mom but sometimes if they just took a moment and sat down and talked to me...maybe just maybe they would understand what my life feels like at home and school,plz i need someone to talk too,please i only want to have a perfect life...well not a perfect life but a life where someone would care about me,at this point im at the urge of killing my self bc of all this saddness in my life,and i love tony and my mom so so so much but they just arent the people to talk too,in some moments,tony is a great person but he just needs help with his brain,and again i might sound crazy but hear this,screaming at my mom 24/7,making her feel overwellmed,he cant even help around at home,but of cource im the crazy one here,sometimes i feel like smacking tony,but the only person ,well not person but dog lol that understand me is my puppy he makes my so happy when im feeling happy...even he is so scared of tony...tony even thretende me that if i didnt stop doing whatever i was doing he would throw my SCHOOL cumputer away...oh lord please help me and my family�

Sep 16, 2021

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  • Well ! Hang in there! It'll get better. It usually does


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