My Demons.

I just thought I would drop a little more information about myself. Get you all started. As I said, I'm 28. I have children but won't say how many or anything. I was in a very long relationship with the woman of my dreams. Now I need to just vent. Get this off my chest. First, I'm a great guy all around. I'm nice, helpful, caring, empathetic, and loving. I have never really had any trouble with the law or anything else. My childhood was not extraordinary. There is no reason for the demons in my head. So now you get to hear the confessions. :( I like young girls. Plain and simple. I'm sexually attracted to them. I don't know why, and I'm not sure I care. There is something that just makes me feel so....excited. I have viewed many photos online. And seen a lot of videos. I've never done anything with a young girl. I don't plan to. But the fantasies make me so unbelievably hot. The prime age of a girl that I'm attracted to is probably around 12ish. I wonder whether there is something wrong with me. Am I sick? Am I evil? Or is it something ingrained in my brain? Like a man who likes men, he can't control it. Its just there. I don't know. Most of the time I hate me for it. But maybe some of you can fill me in on your opinions.

Jan 26, 2013

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  • I can feel your pain to a point. Girls are developing much sooner than they used to. They look tempting. I see nothing wrong with fantasies but don't bother with pictures or video because if you get caught; you lose ev-ery-thing. Definitely seek professional help though, good luck

  • Im 14 and i had s** with a 24y rold guy so your fine :) hope that helps :)

  • There are people out there who can help, for example:

    And the obvious, keep away from temptation, keep busy, don't stockpile images etc.

  • My stepdad had the same problem. He had inner demons and it finally caught up with him. The FBI actually got involved and found all of his USBs with little girls on them. His internet company had been investigating for months. They surrounded my mother and him and told him he might face prison time. He got so scared and actually jumped off a 55 story building. It does catch up with you in time. Im sorry to hear of your troubling times ; Please seek a counselor.

  • Just don't get caught.

  • Dude, it's a disorder. I feel so sorry for you. But....

    Just DON'T GO THERE. S** is such a primal drive, that when it's disorded, the deviant drive FEELS so natural, that it seems impossible that anything could be wrong with it. You'll be tempted by rationalizations -- "Society is wrong, this is who I am, how I was made..." NO. S** with young girls is extraordinarily damaging to them in EVERY case. It is never, never right.

    I knew a guy at my former church who had this issue. (I'm a Christian, I was a deacon at that church and had to help this guy.) So I know that this is HARD. I know this means you'll have to fight something that feels like "part of who you are", for the rest of your life. Just accept the truth... in defiance of every emotion and desire you may feel... that you are broken, and that your drive is mistargeted. And FIGHT IT. Like, don't even be AROUND young girls, so you won't break down in moment of weaknesss.

    One time I met a 30 year old who looked about 16. Maybe, just maybe, you can find happiness by marrying someone who looks really young for her age. That has worked for some guys.

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