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Hi, I'm an 18-year-old girl and am currently dating a guy a year younger than me. We have been dating for about a year and a half and are the only person each of us has ever dated. This guy is my best friend and I love him so much; losing him is my biggest fear. That being said, all we have ever done is kiss and it kind of bothers me. I have let him know that I am willing and want to go further with him but he hasn't acted on it. I feel weird intiating anything because I am the girl and older than him. I know he is extremely attracted to me and cares a lot about me. I would never force him to do anything he doesn't want to but it just bugs me that he won't tell me why he only wants to kiss. Although I have broached the subject, it's hard to talk about this with each other because we are both very shy and sensitive. Ultimately, our emotional relationship matters more to me than our physical one so I don't want to do anything stupid that will mess up what we have going. Please, any advice on what I should do will be very much appreciated :)

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  • That's because he's virgin and passive this is such a turn off for girls,you need to find a real man who fulfill your expectations.

  • The only advice I can offer is for you to muster up some courage and confront him. Ask him why doesn't want to go all the way. Obviously, this is probably a touchy subject for him, so you don't want to seem intimidating or judgmental. Assure that there's reason to be shy and you'll understand.
    Anyway, good luck to you both.

  • Girl either hes a f** or ur just ugly as h***. Lol either way I fell sry 4 u

  • It's good that you are both sensitive. I think maybe he is saving for marriage, but I could be wrong. It may not to come out point blank and ask him. I'm the type who's for saving anyway, though. I think it makes it really special that way. Lots of love <3 and hope things work out all right :).

  • Hi, thanks for the support :) It’s a good point, it’s strange I never have outright asked him if he was waiting for marriage. I guess I just assumed he wasn’t. Anyway, I will have to ask him and see. I f he is waiting, I guess I had better be careful, I know so many girls dying to find a guy who wants to wait for marriage with them!

  • If he has the hots for you, then he`ll have a hardon. Just go for it. Like the other comment, lots of young men are confused. There is respectm often too much when it comes to the s** act. Most men are powerful for a reason!

  • Thanks for responding :) Yeah, he definitely gets really hard really quickly when we are making out. It just makes me nervous using this fact as an excuse to move things along. I think you and the other guy are right though that he may be a little confused about how to approach our physical relationship, this is both of our first relationship after all. Maybe he even wants me to take charge of the relationship, it’s difficult to tell.

  • Mane he's gay. Or he could be saving himself for marriage. If neither of those then I would say he's just a little too respectful of you and is probably thinking that he doesn't want to force you.
    I say, go for it. He will be pleased.

  • Hey thanks for the response! I know he isn’t gay but he is definitely “in touch with his feminine side” haha. Your advice has encouraged me to go for it, there’s no harm in trying anyway!

  • Any updates yet? DID you confronted him? I read that your biggest fear is loosing him, well you are sabotaging your chances to meet someone better that fulfill your needs.

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